Elements to Check when Editing Your Paper

Editing is a considerable aspect when it comes to writing any paper. Never deliver your assignment on your first draft. If you want to learn to edit, then you are in the right place.

  1. Spelling Mistakes

That is the most obvious thing to check when editing. Mistakes related to spelling can cost you a lot in your paper. When you edit for spelling, check the following;

  • Using the right word form

Do not rely on spell checkers if you want to decide on the best form of a word. Make sure you read the sentences that the terms that are close to each other lie.

  • Typos

Keyboard happiness may make you misspell words unknowingly. You may very well know a name, but you can mistype it.

  • You are utilizing your phone to help you spell words.

Ask your phone to help you spell your words. Applications like Siri and Cortana can help you spell the words by directly asking them.

  1. Repeated Words

Words that get repeated can annoy the reader, especially your professor. Most of the time, you may not even realize that you depend on some comments while you write. Most people write like they talk and fail to know it. To avoid using too many dry words, you can check for the terms’ synonyms by right-clicking it on Ms. Word Office.

  1. Contractions usage

Spelling out your words instead of abbreviating them makes your paper look and feel more scholarly and polished. If you like using contractions, my advice would be to finish the whole paper and then edit out the contractions.

  1. Infusing a lot of opinions

Your opinion is not entirely valid in any form of writing unless you write about personal research that you have conducted. Stick to stating facts and leave your views outside. It may be challenging to remove your opinions, especially if the paper you are writing is long. When you input your idea, you destroy the academic style of the article.

  1. Issue Spacing

You will efficiently run into the issue of spacing while writing an essay. If you copy-paste information in your document, it will ruin the spacing you set up. After completing the writing process, go back and check each page and confirm that it is consistent.

  1. Use of comma

It is imperative to use the correct comma. The punctuation marks can alter the style and flow of your writing. If you want to correctly use the comma, use a grammar checker, and then read the paper aloud. You can, therefore, see where there should be pauses in your paragraphs.

  1. Appropriate use of Jargon

You should strive to write like an expert even if you are not one. A better way to write like one is to use Jargon to align with your subject or discipline. Most likely, your professor has a Ph.D. in the field they are coaching and will therefore know much about the Jargon involved in the same study area. If you are going to include Jargon, make sure you correctly use them. Do not try to get impressive by throwing Jargon here and there.

  1. Too much-quoted blocks

Avoid using quotes unless you think your paper will fail without them. When you use a lot of selections in your essay, it may not look comforting. Sharing what other people have written for most of the paper will have your professor questioning your topic’s understanding.

  1. Sentences that are Drawn out

Many students fail because of this menace. Longer sentences, most of the time, result in grammatical errors. Be conscious of the length of your lines in your blocks. Grammarly can help you out when you have a lengthy sentence and will give you suggestions. Ask yourself if your conviction gets concisely written. If you are on the green side, get to the depths of it, and make a condensation of your sentence to make it have more power and oomph. Academic writing must be concise at all levels. Mistakes lead to low grades. 

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