The Best Way to Writing a Research Paper Introduction

As a student, you will have to write countless academic papers, among them a research paper. Here, you have to research and collect sufficient information before you start writing. Most students, however, get stuck at this stage, which can limit them and waste time. So how can you write your research paper’s introduction?

A research’s introduction, imply to the first part of the paper that gives context to the study, and which every reader will likely read first. Therefore, you have to include notions, definitions, and other essential information necessary in making the research paper comprehensible.

So how can you best go about writing this paper’s section?

Guidelines to Writing Your Research Paper Introduction

  • Begin by announcing your research topic. Everything you write about in your paper has to center on the subject of the study. As a result, you have to start by outlining the topic besides other issues related to the topic and which bothers you. However, you have to begin with the general information before narrowing it down into concrete aspects. Further, try and explain your view to make your ideas clear to the reader so that you can pick their interest. Additionally, ensure you make the connection of the introduction with the topic apparent.
  • Literature review. It becomes crucial to develop a statement in a research paper’s main body. Therefore, you have to get literature sources that prove relevant and related to the statement. Your concept can prove subjective, but when you present it with citations from reputable sources such as authors, scientists, or philosophers, to demonstrate your point. Further, don’t ignore modern scholars and their reservations concerning the subject and opinion stated. Finally, the introduction has to state the contents of the literature briefly.
  • Stress the rationale. It becomes crucial to prove the topic’s relevance and offer readers something to think about while reading your work. The thinking works in two ways, to indicate the study’s importance besides portraying your attitude, concerning the issue. Ensure the rationale proves precise and laconic to illustrate the importance of the research.
  • State the thesis statement. A thesis statement signifies the conclusion of the research paper’s introduction, and it transitions into the real research. A thesis marks everything you write, and concisely and logically gathers all the ideas you have.
  • Conclude your introduction with an outline. You don’t have to write the outline as part of the introduction, but it forms a crucial aspect of the introduction to ensure your body paragraphs and conclusion flows smoothly.

If you have to write an introduction for a research paper, then define and explain ideas. Similarly, make a quote, and communicate your paper’s structure. Another common rule when you get stuck with an introduction entails doing other sections and finishing the paper with the introduction.


Every research paper has to have an introduction, with the section proving vital. You have to consider other preliminary things that form part of the introduction, but don’t necessarily appear in the section. But if you always get confused, then check out the guidelines to effectively understand how to write your paper’s introduction.

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