Supernatural Stars Talk About Show’s Final Season, Preview Upcoming Episodes

Cast & creators panel at SDCC 2017

Supernatural will begin closing the book on its 15-season run this week. The gang of Sam, Dean, Castiel, and the rest of their allies have faced legions of demons and other creatures straight out of a horror film throughout the show’s legendary run, but this final season will see the gang crossing swords with God himself. Fans were alerted that God, who is played by Rob Benedict in the series, would be the show’s final big bad in the season 14 finale. After Jensen Ackles’s Dean refused to kill the Nephilim Jack, who is played Alexander Calvert, God angrily declared “Story’s over. Welcome to the end,” before unleashing hordes of zombies and ghouls on the world.

Speaking with reporters from TV Insider, Ackles says that it is surreal to think that this season is the show’s last, but that he and co-leads Jared Padalecki, who plays Sam, and Misha Collins, who plays Castiel, made the decision because of their great love for the characters and the show. While agreeing to end the series unanimously, Ackles says that it is still bittersweet to know that this will be the last year they film Supernatural. The actor told of one scene in an episode they recently completed where Castiel sets out on a solo journey outside of the group. Ackles said that the moment had a sense of finality to it, like it would be the last moment Dean and Castiel were together on the show. While Ackles says that he is usually able to keep himself composed on set, Padalecki confessed to having tears in his eyes when he realized that it would be his last first day filming a new season on Supernatural.

Continuing in the interview, Padalecki says that part of the reason why he is so emotional for the last season is because he considers himself a nostalgic person. The actor keeps a script from each of the show’s episodes in a personal filing system and says that Sam is very much a part of his personality now. Collins shares Padalecki’s sentiment, saying that once he puts on his character’s iconic trench coat, he feels that Castiel has come to life.

In addition to talking about their own feelings heading into the last season, the three actors also gave audiences a tease of what to expect from the last season. By far the biggest revelation is how the three main characters will deal with God being their new enemy. For Castiel, the revelation amounts to a betrayal because, as an angel, Collins says that he sees God as his father. Meanwhile, Sam will be preoccupied with a wound he received in the season 14 finale after trying to stop God as Dean contemplates if his whole life has been nothing more than God’s plaything.


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