Trump Gives Foreign Governments Leases In Trump Tower Manhattan And He Didn’t Tell Congress


Former White House security official Carl Kline had a closed-door meeting with Congress. It sounds like Kline tried to dodge questions. He denied Trump told him to give Kushner and 24 other people security clearances even though they were potential security risks. Congress wants to know why Kline’s assistant would put herself on the line and tell a completely different story. James Comey the former FBI director thinks Kline and Bill Barr are under Mr. Trump’s delusional spell.

According to the Washington Post, Trump runs the White House like a king. The king told all his aides to keep quiet without telling them to do so. That’s the con man aspect of Trump’s personality, according to Mr. Comey. Trump creates mental pictures and inserts names and places, and he tells a good story. His fabulist stories seem credible. People start to believe there’s something good in following his low-class shuffle.

Mr. Comey tried to defend his friend Bill Barr by saying Bill is under Trump’s spell. Just like Mr. Kline, Barr thinks Trump has the interest of the people at heart. One look around the Southern border and the crowded cities around the country will tell how much Trump thinks about the people, according to the New York Times.

Hillary Clinton is back from therapy, and she wants Barr to face impeachment proceedings. Clinton is back on the late night show circuit. And she has Trump bashing to do. Clinton won the popular vote by more than three million votes, but she lost to Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. Beating Clinton and shaking the pillars of democracy are two of Putin’s finest moments, according to the Russian press.

Congressman Elijah Cummings can’t get any respect from the White House. Mr. Trump won’t give him any information. Cummings wants to end the Trumpster’s reign of lies, but Trump’s has the Department of Justice behind him. The president planted Bill Barr in the DOJ. And Barr acts like the front-four defense every team wants.

Steve Bannon bar tab from a meeting he had at Mar-a-Lago in 2017 finally hit Washington. Bannon and a few White House aides got liquored up at taxpayer’s expense. Trump’s Mar-a-Lago wants the government to pay the $1076 bar tab.

But it’s Trump’s knack for getting to up close and personal with foreign officials without telling Congress. He leased Trump Tower Manhattan apartments to governments of several foreign countries in 2017. He’s not supposed to do that because he still owns the company


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