What Makes LOGS Network The Best In The Industry


Logs Network has built a name for itself in the field of legal practice management and mainly deals with customers from the United States of America. While some customers know it as LOGS Network, a good number of customers also refer to it as the LOGS Group. The company has managed to grow to a big company through mergers and acquisitions with the company recently chipping in the ARMA Acquisition. This resulted in the formation of the largest legal services firm in North America. This has resulted in the formation of a firm that is known as A360 with the process coming to an end in 2017. This also saw the formation of an Employee Stock Ownership Plan which targets benefiting the employees of the newly formed company. The two people behind the formation of the new firm were Gerry Shapiro and David Kreisman. These two are also credited with the establishment of LOGS Network back in 1996. Back then they established the company with the aim of providing administrative functions for their company. Some of these functions included billing as well as payroll structuring.

Gerry Shapiro and David Kreisman announced that the newly formed enterprise will be crucial in improving the company’s customer service as well as help the company provide the best services in the market. They also said that the new enterprise will not affect the performance of the existing services in any way. This will also help them improve the legal marketplace of the company and also broaden their client base in the mortgage industry. The founding members of LOGS Network appreciate that there is need to decrease the internal operating costs of the company especially in a market that is faced with uncertainty. For instance more people continue to default their mortgage while administrative costs are on the rise. The same can be said about volumes contracts and this evokes the need to create an environment where everyone will be a winner.

The new entity will be responsible for four areas that will target the mortgage industry as well as the financial services. The four brands will be Blue Ribbon Legal, assure360 as well as Firm Solutions and C2C Title Data Services. ARMA Acquisition has been very successful in the few years that it has been in operation. For instance it has managed to complete four transactions in the first two years of operation. This has seen an additional services such as outsourcing services, technology solutions as well as title data solutions and litigation support services. For the past 30 year LOGS Network has built a name for itself when it comes to outsourcing solutions for customers having issues in residential mortgage and consumer credit issues. Jason Shapiro, one of the founding members of LOGS Network is very experienced. Before founding the company he used to work with ERA Rising Realty as the owner. He has also been involved with B2r, Blackstone as well as Invitation Homes.He is in charge of national sales in the company


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