More Than Sixty Percent Of Americans Think Trump Committed Crimes Before He Became President


Congress knows Donald Trump has plenty of ghosts in his gold-plated closets. There are a plethora of stories linking Mr. Trump to criminal activity. Trump’s former personal lawyer and henchman, Michael Cohen’s recent testimony in front of the House Oversight Committee confirmed Trump’s involvement in illegal activities. But the Republicans claim Cohen became a rat to save himself and lessen the jail time he faces in May.

But Mr. Cohen is just one of many people who know Donald Trump liked to ignore laws in order to keep the cash flowing into his web of deceit and lies. Congress wants to talk to more than eighty people who have some knowledge of Trump’s activities over the last ten years. They will have to tell what they know or face serious heat from Congress.

Some Trump loyalists don’t want to tell Congress what they know about Trump’s art of the criminal deal. According to Eric Trump, the Democrats want to harass, impeach and distract his dad. Sean Spicer another Trumpian who left the White House in a blaze of irrelevance claims Congress is on a fishing expedition, and it’s a wild one. Brad Pascale, Trump’s digital operation expert during the 2016 campaign tweeted Congress is out of line.

Alan Dershowitz didn’t get a letter from Congress. But the Harvard law professor likes to throw his two-legal cents in the Trump debacle from time-to-time. Alan thinks Congress may go too far by digging into the catacombs of Trump’s criminal activity. Jerome Corsi, a conspiracy theorist, and Trump friend, who allegedly helped Roger Stone pass WikiLeaks information to Trump said the Congress mission is harassment.

The Congressional committees don’t care about the name calling or the comments that claim they want to bring Trump down no matter the cost. They know where’s there’s smoke there’s fire, and Trump seems to be functioning in a dark cloud of smoke.

According to a recent Quinnipiac poll, more than sixty percent of Americans think Trump committed crimes before he became president. Less than 25 percent of Americans say he didn’t break any laws. Congress has a duty to find the truth in the Trump debacle, according to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.
The results of the Trump investigations may not come to the surface before the 2020 election. But Congress believes there’s enough evidence out there to make Trump’s life miserable while he’s in Washington and after he leaves the White House.


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