Seth Rogen Will Star in New Twilight Zone Episode


There is going to be a new ‘Twilight Zone’ series that is going to start airing on the CBS All Access streaming service on the first of April. It will follow the same anthology format as the original series and both of its revivals. It will be hosted by Jordan Peele. He came to fame as part of the Key and Peele duo that had their own successful series on Comedy Central. CBS is starting to release more info about the new series because the premiere is only one month away. The big news this week is that Seth Rogen will be starring in an episode. The details of the exact character that Rogen will be playing have not been revealed as of yet. CBS posted a tweet that mentioned Rogen would be involved in the show. The ‘Twilight Zone’ is the latest original series to be created specifically for CBS All Access. The streaming service already has a big hit with the ‘Star Trek Discovery’ series. It was just renewed for a third season. The battle between streaming services is only going to intensify later in the year when Disney gets into the mix. Most people are not going to be able to afford to subscribe to all of these streaming services. Therefore, it stands to reason that the streaming service that offers the best original content will be the most successful. The pricing of each service will also play a major role in the number of people who end up subscribing. Jordan Peele has said that his version of the ‘Twilight Zone’ is not meant to compete with the classic original series. He would prefer people to judge his series on its own merits. He has said that the show will tackle all of the same genres that the original series was known for. These include mystery, horror and science fiction. He also said that the twist endings that made the original ‘Twilight Zone’ famous will definitely be there. Peele said that he got involved with this show because he grew up watching reruns of the original series hosted by Rod Serling. Peele said during a recent interview that there are more big stars who will be appearing in future ‘Twilight Zone’ episodes. However, CBS does not want to reveal who they are just yet. He said that he is very flattered that top show business talent would want to work with him.


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