The Mueller Report Is Two Reports In One


All American eyes focus on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report at some point every day. It gives the president the material he needs to call the investigation a witch hunt. But if the Russians did interfere Trump might be behind the hackers who have Putin’s pants in a wad. Putin told the press the Russian government has an infestation of hackers. Russia didn’t say if they know who the Internet perpetrators are, but the U.S. is probably on the top of Russia payback list, again.

Some American voters suspect the Mueller report will be another political thorn in Trump’s Democratic-hating, finger-licking good side of plenty. But Washington insiders think Mueller won’t find collusion on Mr. Trump’s part.

But there is a lot of Russian and Trump official’s interaction during that presidential campaign. Trump’s main intent was to get his Trump Tower Moscow built, not collude, according to several news reports. And he needed Putin’s blessing to do that. Trump offer Putin a penthouse for free in what Michael Cohen, Trump’s ex-personal lawyer said would be the tallest building in Europe.

The Mueller team did a good job rounding up thirty-four Russians who played a role in U.S, election interference. Those seven Trump campaign officials that did Trump’s dirty work with the Russians have orange jumpsuits listed on their resumes now.

There are people that wonder whether Rod Rosenstein, Matt Whitaker, or Bill Barr squashed some of Mueller team’s suggestions. But there’s a report for that. According to Politico, Mr. Barr will have to include another report with the Mueller report that lists every instance when Mueller and his investigating team got a “no” from the big dogs in the Department of Justice.

That report may be a blessing or it may be another ball breaker for the biggest guy in politics and fake news reporting. If members of the DOJ told the Mueller team, “no,” the Democrats will seize the moment as a whitewash. If that report is blank, then Trump and the Republicans can claim they didn’t interfere with the investigation.

Trump knows the Mueller report might hurt him. But the Southern District of New York investigation into all things Trump could be a political game changer for him. Michael Cohen has tons of information on Trump activities during the 10 years he did some of Trump’s illegal, off-the-record dirty work. The prosecutors in New York want to take Trump down using the RICO Act.


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