Some Democrats Say Trump’s State of the Union Address Will Be the Precursor to His 2020 Campaign Kickoff Speech


Three Democratic senators gave back their SOTU passes. Tennessee Senator Steve Cohen didn’t attend last year’s SOTU, and he’s not feeling it this year either. Cohen said he’ll want till there’s a president on the podium that knows the value of truth.

Trump’s got a big SOTU day planned. He’ll make his usual comments about the wall before his speech, and then he’ll slip a message in that reminds TV viewers they are under attack by an orchestrated band of homeless people carrying pocket knives. But that’s not true. These asylum seekers left violence and the abuse to seek a better life. But now, they are enemy number one in the United States, according to Donald Trump.

There may be some questionable characters that make it across the border. But a wall will not have a meaningful impact on that group, according to Washington Post.

The people who come to America seeking asylum deserve better treatment, according to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. They need better immigration procedures and more helpful homeland security people. And they need more judges to process their cases. The Democrats say they are all in, but Trump’s wall is not on the table. There are places along the border that do require physical barriers, but a steel wall is not the answer in those places, according to the Democrats.

Senator Lindsey Graham, Trump’s mouthpiece, when the president needs a Republican who’s not afraid to stretch the truth, said Trump needs to think twice about going rogue and pull the state of emergency card. Senator Graham thinks some Republican senators are against his attempt to circumvent Congress. The House is in the process of developing a Bill that could stop a state of emergency, and Graham knows it.

But loyal Trump voters don’t care what Mr. Trump has to do make that wall appear. The wall is Trump’s political Mount Fujiyama. He brought his voting base to the edge of that precious steel wall monument, and now they dangle there with beaded red eyes. According to some Republicans, it’s game over in 2020 if he can’t get a wall.

That’s one reason some Democrats say Trump’s SOTU speech is a precursor to his 2020 campaign kickoff speech. He has to hold his base together. Graham thinks he might even use the state of emergency trick just to keep the country in a chaotic frame of mind. That’s where Trump’s mind is most of the time, according to unnamed White House aides.


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