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Purpose-driven companies attract equally purpose-driven people. Businesses that operate with a purpose and adopt corporate social responsibility measures find that these opportunities elevate their standing and address real long-term change.

Companies that set out to find creative business solutions to social problems bring also meaningful challenges to employees. These efforts solidify a business’ values beyond pet projects, short-term philanthropy, or propaganda. Herbalife Nutrition is one company that commits itself to a purpose, sustainable goals and ethical operations.

Today, more and more women are drawn to companies and businesses that provide more than a product—they’re looking for corporate citizens that add true value to society, care about corporate social responsibility and living a purpose-driven life.  They’re also looking for the flexibility to work when and how they want.  The Herbalife Nutrition opportunity is steeped in the company’s purpose to make the world healthier and the flexibility to work on your own terms.

More than half of Herbalife Nutrition’s independent distributors are female. They don’t just sell Herbalife Nutrition products; they also educate their customers and provide support to help them improve their lives and achieve their wellness goals. Many of them become health and fitness coaches. Many female Herbalife Nutrition coaches are making positive impacts in their communities through their nutrition-focused businesses.

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Melissa L., an Herbalife Nutrition distributor in California, has this to say about the close bond she developed with one of her customers: “The story of my client and friend Amy is an inspiring example of what teamwork can achieve. We worked on a plan for her to lose weight, and keep it off, by focusing on making better food choices and getting more activity. I look at her like a sister. We’ve helped each other through a lot of challenges. After more than two years of friendship, she has lost weight and gotten results.”

Work Life Balance for the Modern Woman

Herbalife Nutrition offers its sales representatives flexibility—they can put more attention toward things they care about most like family, friends, and travel. Valentina E., an Herbalife Nutrition independent distributor in Florida, praises the Herbalife Nutrition business model. “Herbalife Nutrition has allowed me the opportunity to spend more time with my son and be a present mother,” she says. “Having the freedom to spend time with my son is the most rewarding thing about my business.”

Elian H. is from Florida and an Herbalife Nutrition distributor who speaks passionately about family as well. “One of the most important life decisions was when my husband and I decided we were ready to have children,” she says. “We wanted to be a family that spent quality time together. That wouldn’t be easy without flexible work hours. We decided to focus on what we were passionate about: nutrition, fitness, and being a positive influence on others.”

Shayna F., an Herbalife Nutrition distributor from Ohio, explains that family is why she got into the Herbalife Nutrition business: “I was working full time as a physical therapist, and while I loved my job, and I loved helping people, [my husband] and I had two young kids at the time, and I didn’t love that I was spending more time at work than I was at home with the kids.”

Professional Development at the Forefront

Herbalife Nutrition offers both women and men the perfect opportunity to spend more time with their families while still running a business. Herbalife Nutrition provides education and training to its distributors. This is critically important to anyone who is venturing into new job or business.

The resources and education were influential for distributor Rosy S., who has this to say about the business training Herbalife Nutrition offers: “Going to the events [and] trainings made me feel sure of myself. They made me feel confident, and little by little, I started to learn and understand this business.”

Herbalife Nutrition offers training for new independent distributors just getting started as well as for more experienced independent distributors who want to expand their Herbalife Nutrition businesses. Delfina, an Herbalife Nutrition coach in California, explained how the training sessions helped her: “I was incredibly grateful for the tools and trainings that Herbalife Nutrition offered to start my business.”

Through hard work and the newfound knowledge she learned at the Herbalife Nutrition training events, she has since become the go-to source for nutrition and fitness in her community.

Herbalife Nutrition supports its distributors in other ways as well. Through an online portal called “MyHerbalife,” distributors can access instructional videos and download educational materials. Topics include how to write a business plan, how to track expenses, how to set up a nutrition club, how to use social media to attract new customers, how to engage old customers to make them repeat customers, and detailed information about Herbalife Nutrition products.

Real Women with Herbalife Nutrition

Empowering women to be their own boss through education and training is part of the Herbalife Nutrition business opportunity. It’s also a priority and focus for many women business owners who are part of the Herbalife Nutrition community.

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Isabel R., from Puerto Rico, holds regular workshops to boost women’s self-esteem. Laura H., an independent distributor in both the Midwest and California, holds workshops designed to help women support each other. Jessica G., a distributor from Texas, has developed a program to help give women who want to lose weight the confidence, support, and skills to do so.

If you are a woman looking for the ideal business opportunity, contact a local Herbalife Nutrition Independent Distributor to discuss the possibilities.

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