Military Members May Be At Risk Of PTSD Symptoms Due To High Energy Drink Usage


A new study out says that the use of energy drinks in the military may be contributing to PTSD symptoms later in life. Today many members of the military use energy drinks to help get them through the long days of combat out on the field. However, it is certainly not a healthy obsession to have according to a new study. Sleep deprivation is a contributing factor to symptoms of PTSD, and energy drinks are certainly at the root cause of sleep deprivation for many members of the military.

Energy drinks are provided to members of the military at virtually no cost in nearly all situations. Thus, many members have the drink ready with them at all times. It has simply become part of the culture to have these type of drinks with you as part of your overall diet. The study showed that about 75% of all soldiers consumed at least one energy drink per day while on deployment. It continued by showing that around 16% of those soldiers also consumed two or more of the drinks in their post-deployment existence. This high energy drink uses contributes to a number of health factors that are unforeseen and unfortunate. Many soldiers do not realize the potential health consequences of consuming energy beverages on a regular basis.

A contributing factor in the high energy drink usage of military members is the youthful age of most of those in the service. Younger people tend to be the ones who are most marketed to for this type of drink. They have accepted these drinks with reckless abandon in recent years without concern or consideration of the potential health risks that they take every time they take a sip. Someone needs to step up in the military and curb the use of these particular beverages. We can scarcely afford to continue to have military members with symptoms of PTSD and other issues after they return home. We need our brave young men and women to be as healthy as possible both while on the battlefield and when they return home. This may be one area that the government simply has to cut off from access to the energy drink industry. This may require new legislation in order for this to occur, but it is well worth it if it can protect the health and safety of our young heroes. Civilians should consider reducing their use of energy drinks as well.


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