Hugh Jackman Isn’t Ruling Out A Superheroic Future


Hugh Jackman set the record straight with a recent interview in People Magazine. Jackson stated he won’t return to the role of Wolverine. Fans of Jackman’s iconic and perfect portrayal of the violent loner can’t let go though. The press consistently asks the actor if he — or Fox — will reconsider the decision. Jackman adamantly says he is done with playing Wolverine/Logan. However, Jackman is open to being cast as a different superhero. Will Jackman’s legendary eight-movie run as Wolverine become eclipsed by a future stint as a new hero?

MTV caught up with Jackman to interview him about his new film The Front Runner. MTV asked Jackman if he’d accept another superhero role if offered. Jackman said yes.

Actors playing different characters in different superhero franchises isn’t all that rare. Jared Leto is under contract to play The Joker in the DC Extended Universe and also the anti-heroic “Living Vampire” Michael Morbius for Sony’s Marvel Comics projects. Jackman’s good friend Ryan Reynolds donned the costume and ring of the Green Lantern before finding greater success as Deadpool. Reynolds, incidentally, repeatedly chides Jackman about returning as Wolverine to meet up with Deadpool on the screen. While Jackman said a fine goodbye to the violent character in the outstanding film Logan, he may say hello to a new role in the future.

Both Marvel Studios and Warner Bros./DC Entertainment would gladly sign Jackman to a deal. The actor remains a bankable worldwide star. Logan turned out to be a massive box office success. Jackman’s musical The Greatest Showman also earned hundreds of millions at the global box office. Casting Jackman in either a new or established superhero franchise could boost ticket sales. The DC Extended Universe could use someone of Jackman’s bankability. With significant changes on the horizon with Avengers 4, the Marvel Cinematic Universe would also find Jackman’s involvement in upcoming features beneficial.

Was Jackman sending out a serious signal to the studios about his interest in taking on a new superhero role? Or was he playing nice during the interview by telling fans what they want to hear? Likely, he wasn’t being flippant.

Career-wise, Jackman gains additional stability by signing a multi-picture deal. Even if his other projects take an unexpected downward financial turn, he’d always have the superhero deal to carry him for the next few years. Accepting a new hero — or villain — role comes with many positives.


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