Mysterious Video Images of Spider-Man’s Mysterio Emerge


Keeping secrets on a movie set isn’t as easy as it once was. A photographer snaps an image and posts the picture on social media. A movie studio’s publicity department may be annoyed, but what’s done is done. Fans looking forward to Spider-Man: Far From Home aren’t annoyed over the released images of Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio. The photos show the actor in full villain costume. Anyone who previously wondered what the live-action version of Mysterio would look like now has an idea.

Someone shot a video of a scene featuring Mysterio/Gyllenhaal. Still images now appear online. Fans can now offer their opinions about the look of the classic bad guy.

The images aren’t entirely clear. The videographer shot the moving images from a distance. He/she had no other choice. Photographers aren’t given total access to the set during shooting. Based on the captured pictures, Jake Gyllenhaal appears in an old-school cape with a somewhat Iron Man-inspired suit. He isn’t wearing a mask, but this doesn’t mean he won’t wear one in the film. We only have images from one scene. The villain’s appearances may differ at other points in the movie.

The on-screen Mysterio doesn’t look anything like the master of illusions and tricks does in the comics. The original Mysterio’s gaudy frog-green costume and bizarre fishbowl mask were perfect for the 1960’s. Creators Stan Lee and Steve Ditko went out of their way to make grotesque enemies for the wall-crawler. What worked in the 1960’s doesn’t work today though. The original Mysterio looks corny by today’s standards. So, the character gets an upgrade and becomes both more formidable and more menacing.

Mysterio has to look and act evil or be overshadowed. Micheal Keaton’s frightening version of The Vulture returns for the sequel. Mysterio and The Vulture do make an interested combined threat for Spider-Man for sure.


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