How Earning Additional Income With Stream Energy Could Help Pay Off Your Debt

Stream Energy

Sometimes you need to pay for something with a credit card, whether it’s a medical emergency, mortgage, or student loan. But once you spend that money, you’re automatically in debt, and need to pay that money back. Being in debt feels like a never-ending cycle of paying bills and interest on the money owed. To get out of debt, you need to earn additional income to pay back creditors. But making money and earning more income along with a nine-to-five job, a family, or school can be tough. But, with Stream Energy, it is possible.

Founded in 2005, Stream Energy has now earned over $8 billion in lifetime revenue. The company provides thousands of people with an opportunity to make additional income by simply selling its services and signing up new customers. The program, Stream Opportunity, equips its Independent Associates (those who have joined the program) with the tools, training, and resources they need to sell the Dallas-based company’s services:

Energy Services

Providing energy to its customers is Stream Energy’s main service. The company provides customers with three types of energy – natural gas, clean, and electric – to both residential and business properties.

Home Services

Stream Energy provides its customers with Digital Voice Service, which offers a reliable, affordable way to stay connected to your home and home office from anywhere.

Wireless Services

This service provides Stream Energy customers with unlimited data plans on a 4G LTE service.  Customers can also buy cell phones through the company, and have access to apps and tools to locate their phones and back up their devices. Mobile hotspots are also available through this service.

Protective Services

This service helps customers prevent digital theft, and offers tools to protect against identity theft and monitor credit. The company also provides technical support through these tools. Protective Services also includes 24-hour roadside assistance and Virtual MD, which gives customers access to phone or video consultations with doctors.

How To Earn Additional Income

With no quota to meet, door-to-door selling, or inventory, Independent Associates have the unique opportunity to work from anywhere at any time. The company presents an opportunity to earn additional income, which is especially helpful for those in debt. Whether it’s on a Saturday morning or once the kids have gone to bed, you can earn money exactly when and where you want.

For Independent Associates, the concept is simple – get paid for selling Stream Energy services and signing up new customers.

The more they sell, the more they make in income and earn rewards, so it’s important that Independent Associates continuously establish relationships with their customers. With no business experience needed – since a website, training, and resources are provided anyone is eligible for this opportunity. The training and resources help Independent Associates become successful at establishing their own customer base and adding other associates to their team. But how exactly do these Associates earn income?

  • Immediate Income Independent Associates have two ways to earn weekly income: Personal Customer Bonuses (earning income by personally selling service and signing up customers) and Team Customer Bonuses (earning income when an associate’s team members sell Stream Energy services).
  • Leadership Bonuses By building a team of other Associates, Independent Associates can also increase their earning potential. By building a team, Associates can get promoted to various leadership positions (from Qualified Director to National Director), which all increase earning potential and come with various rewards.
  • Monthly Earned Income (MEI) Associates can earn MEI by selling Stream Energy Services and signing up new customers, as well as maintaining their customers’ accounts.

The earning potential with Stream Energy depends on how hard the Independent Associate pushes themselves. Stream Energy encourages its Independent Associates to set goals and work towards them. These goals vary, but many of them are to pay off a mortgage, pay off credit cards, and just escape from debt in general. For those in debt, Stream Energy presents an opportunity to keep one’s job while making additional income on the side.



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