Trump-Putin Summit


Just the other day, a summit between US Trump and South Korea’s Kim made history in Singapore over denuclearization. It seems Washington is determined to play its role as the superpower in numerous ways. Another summit is due on July 16th in Helsinki still aimed at world peace. The United States President Donald Trump and his Russian colleague will be meeting next month in the Finnish capital. The agenda for the meeting is scheduled just in time when Russia is having pitiable relations with the Western countries.

According to the Kremlin and the White House, the two will be discussing an array of national security matters in addition to their relations. These talks have been welcomed by the NATO chief noting that the negotiation is a symbol of a strong suit. Jens Stoltenberg echoed his concerns saying that America aspires for a healthier affiliation with Moscow. In his statement, Jens expressed Washington’s wish for not wanting a new Cold War between the states.

The scheduled visit by Trump to Helsinki will trail NATO’s summit in Belgium. This will follow another one in Britain for talks with Prime Minister Theresa May. Both the White House and Kremlin gave tiny details about the summit. However, President Trump earlier whispered a discussion on Syrian war and Ukraine state of affairs. In his statement, Trump added the dialogue would involve several other issues expecting plenty of good things. His speech included his usual optimistic remarks saying gatherings with people produce worthy things.

Trump has been searching for improved rapport with Russia since his election to the presidency in January 2017. Talking to his allies earlier this month, President Trump startled them by requesting readmission of Russia to the G7 cluster of industrialized states. Russia was deferred from the then G8 when it invaded Crimea from Ukraine in 2014. Other accusations on Moscow include meddling the 2016 US elections in favor of Trump including other Western states.

John Bolton, US National Security Adviser, emphasized that sanctions imposed after Crimea invasion were not part of the discussions during the summit. Bolton is the intelligence behind the Helsinki summit. The two figures have met twice before with their last meeting dating November during an Asia-Pacific summit. Mr. Bolton met president Putin on Thursday to plan about the meeting in Moscow. In his statement, Bolton said the meeting is mutually beneficial for both states. President Putin had admitted the US and Russian relations were in bad shape and that his meeting with Bolton increased hopes for restoration. Also, Mr. Putin leaned the deprived ties on the US political conflicts saying Moscow under no circumstances sought confrontation.


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