“Wreck-It Ralph 2” Trailer Shows Off Pop Culture References


The new trailer for Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 is out, once again showing off the many properties that Disney can cameo in the movie.

The original movie, which came out in 2012, focused on a video game character named Wreck-It Ralph (John C. Reilly) who travels into other video games and befriends Vanellope (Sarah Silverman), a young girl from a racing game. In the sequel, the pair will go from arcade games into the internet to try and find something to keep Vanellope’s game from being decommissioned.

According to director Phil Johnston, the film is going to test Ralph and Vanellope’s friendship over their journey through cyberspace. Hopefully this will provide a solid emotional foundation to help support all of these pop culture references and jokes.

The advertisements for the first film heavily featured its many video game cameos, and the new trailer does the same for cyberspace. The internet is depicted as a sprawling city, and we see sections devoted to Amazon, Google and Twitter (with little blue birds sharing pictures with each other). They also go to the Search Bar, which is headed by KnowsMore, a knowledgeable character voiced by Alan Tudyk.

He winds up sending them to the Disney website, and yes, this is blatant product placement for every property that the Mouse House can fit in there. After being chased by Stormtroopers from Star Wars, Vanellope finds herself in a room with all of the Disney Princesses, who, after some interrogation, except her as one of their own after determining that her brotherly relationship with Ralph is roughly equivalent to having a prince. (One wonders how Elsa passed that qualification.)

The princesses are voiced by their original or official actresses when possible. We also see Vanellope talk to Winnie the Pooh‘s Eeyore briefly, and though not in this trailer, Iron Man and Gamora from the Marvel Cinematic Universe are confirmed to appear in the film as well.

The film ends with the pair meeting Yesss (Taraji P. Henson), the main algorithm of the website “BuzzTube.” From the conversation, it sounds as if Ralph is going to literally break the internet at some point in the movie, since they debate whether or not that phrase or “wreck” works better for him.

“Uh, yeah, but ‘break the internet,’ it’s like a thing,” Yesss says.


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