Lee May Continues Professional Development After Attaining Success

Lee May of Beamridge Continues Success and Business Ideas

There are some in the world of business that think of success as a destination, and then there are some who think of it as a journey. History has shown time and again that the most prolific, well-known, and accomplished entrepreneurs in the world are those who fall into the latter group. These people are the ones you’ll find hard at work on their next deal immediately after closing on a large personal milestone. They’re the ones that burn the candle at both ends despite already having achieved great results in their pursuits. In short, they are the leaders in their field. Real estate developer Lee May has shown that he is cut from the same cloth as these types and a look into his successes and business practices is an informative way for any aspiring professionals to learn what it takes to walk the path known as success.


Experience in Business


Lee May, a London native, is known throughout his city as both a businessman and an entrepreneur. His extensive experience in the fields of construction and real estate development has been the foundation of a career that has spanned over twenty-five years and has been characterized by an ambition to top his industry. With a goal of being one of the largest developers in South East London, he has worked tirelessly over the years to purchase land, develop units, and take on a landlord role for numerous properties. As his accomplishments in these areas mount, his ambitions have grown proportionately.


One of the secrets to May’s ability to keep up his breakneck pace is his consideration of his work as a hobby, rather than a job (LinkedIn). He has always found the process of creating a company to be an engaging and fun pursuit. One of his passions in this area is building a business from the ground up. In fact, he enjoys the work so much that he has often put in the effort to create a fully-functioning and successful company from scratch only to sell it and move on to his next venture. This constant drive towards building on his achievements has been a major contributor to his accomplishments over the years.


Work with Other Firms


Owing to his wealth of experience in development, Lee May has often been brought on by other companies in the industry to help them with their own endeavors. One example of this is the construction and development firm, Beamridge, which has turned to Lee as an advisor on a variety of projects. With a hand in all aspects of the real estate industry, the company recognizes the importance to be found in turning to those who have an intimate knowledge of the details of business practices in the field. That they have turned to May on a continuing basis and have used his collaboration to help them emerge as one of the leading figures in the London property development industry is just one more example of the influence of his unwavering drive and determination.


Professional Development


One major key to the success enjoyed by May is his commitment to continuing to expand his base of knowledge in all areas of his professional life. This pursuit can take many forms but one recent example is his attendance at a recent property networking conference. The event, organized by Movers and Shakers, the UK’s leading property and cconstruction networking forum, is a high-profile meeting of some of the most experienced minds in the field. Speakers at the event included heads of leading development companies, highly-placed government officials, and controllers of wide-ranging estates for some of the UK’s wealthiest individuals. Attendance at the forum not only allowed May to connect with some of his successful colleagues in the world of development, it also allowed him to highlight his own recent triumphs. By making sure he is present at these type of industry events, he is further underscoring his leading role in some of the fastest growing developments throughout the city of London.


Ventures and Projects


With the preceding examples of the work he puts into his career and for other firms, such as Beamridge, it is a wonder that Lee May has time for his own projects at all. But of course no profile of his professional pursuits would be complete without touching on some of the successes he has enjoyed throughout his lengthy career. From a domestic standpoint, he has undertaken numerous large-scale development projects that have set him apart in the world of London real estate. A recent example of this work is an approved planning permission for a host of apartments in East London. This project will encompass over 600 units and will be a sizable addition to the housing capacity of the growing neighborhood. Similarly, he has recently secured four sites for a planned development that will number approximately 1100 units in Essex. These units will be comprised of both residential apartments as well as care homes for those requiring assistance.


Along with his domestic ventures, Lee has also struck out into international development where he is rapidly building a name for himself. His recent completion of a joint venture with a foreign fund resulted in a deal totaling £380 million. A look at the preceding information makes clear just how much work is required to emerge as a leader in one’s field. From his entrepreneurial development, to his role as an advisor for firms like Beamridge, to his development projects at home and abroad, Lee May is a businessman who clearly knows the value of his own effort. That he has accrued so much success in his career and still finds the drive to participate in conferences and other undertakings to further develop his skillset is a testament to his understanding of the iterative nature of knowledge. Anyone seeking to find a similar level of success in their own pursuits would do well to mirror May’s drive and determination, for they are truly the keys to his achievements.


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