Kim Jong Un Likely Met With China Yesterday


North Korea has long been ruled by the Kim family, its reign dating back decades. Kim Jong Un took over power of the country in 2011, since which he’s never left the confines of the country – it’s all for good reason, seeing as North Korea is generally unliked around the world.

According to three insiders that will go unnamed, Kim Jong Un visited Beijing, China, just yesterday, marking the first known time he’s ventured outside of North Korea’s borders in seven years.

The visit’s details are grossly unclear, as those three reputable informants only knew so much about the visit. As such, who Kim Jong Un is slated to meet with, where, and how long he’d stay in China is all unknown.

Talks of Kim Jong Un’s potential visit to China sprouted up on Monday, March 26, 2018, after Nippon TV footage indicated that a train likely hailing from North Korea had entered the country, most likely through Dandong, a small city situated on the border between the two countries.

Nippon TV’s footage displayed a train that docked on Monday in Beijing that many people believed looked almost identical to one that Kim Jong Il, the most recent ruler of the country – he was current leader Kim Jong Un’s father – had used to visit China just weeks prior to his 2011 death.

On Tuesday, March 27, 2018, at least one witness reported to Reuters that that same train had left Beijing, and was likely holding Kim Jong Un and others in the North Korean government.

Later that day, Hua Chunying, a leading spokesperson for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs had stated in a press conference in Beijing that she nor the ministry knew anything about the train allegedly carrying Kim, and that any upcoming info about the sightings would come out in “due course.”

The meeting is of interest for people around the world, especially those in the United States of America, because China isn’t being friendly in trade talks with the Trump-led nation – to be fair, the United States certainly isn’t being too nice, either.

United Nations officials levied countless sanctions against North Korea just months ago, which China and its President Xi Jingping both have supported. Despite that support, it’s interesting to see that North Korea is being taken seriously by Chinese officials.

Good on China. Ultimately, North Korea wants to be taken seriously.

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