Perry Mandera Gives Generously Locally and Nationally

Perry Mandera's Philanthropic Efforts Help Chicago Community

Custom Cares Charities recently gained more attention in the news as it distributed money to needy families during the winter holiday season. It is a registered 501(c)(3) charity. The organization is part of The Custom Companies, Inc., which was started by Perry Mandera. The Custom Companies is a full-service transportation business located in Chicago, Illinois. Thousands of dollars were given to families to help them buy gifts and make the holidays more magical for their children. Mr. Mandera is involved in other charities as well, and he was able to arrange for thousands of donated coats to be distributed to people in need across the Chicago metro area. He started Custom Cares Charities as a philanthropic outlet for his company, which makes giving back to the community an integral part of the company culture.



Perry Mandera Helps With Disaster Relief

In 2013, the Illinois city of Washington suffered many losses from tornadoes. After the destruction happened, Mr. Mandera arranged for The Custom Companies to transport food, supplies and other necessities to families in need. While Mr. Mandera feels strongly about supporting his community and nearby communities in Illinois, he also helps people in need who are far away. When Hurricane Katrina devastated Mississippi and Louisiana, his company sent 40 truckloads of supplies to residents in both states. Some supplies were collected during a donation drive, and The Custom Companies Inc. purchased additional supplies to give. Recently, Perry Mandera gave the gift of transportation services to help with relief efforts for the 2017 California wildfires. He also donated food and supplies through his company’s charity.


Perry Mandera Helps Needy Children

While Custom Cares Charities donates money to needy families every holiday season, Perry Mandera believes in helping children personally as well. In the past, he has coached numerous youth sports teams. He coached and sponsored several boxers, and two of those boxers went on to compete in the Olympics. Also, he provided financial assistance for some teams and organizations that promote fitness and productive activities for needy children. One of the organizations that Mr. Mandera is most passionate about is the Jesse White Tumblers. The organization was founded in 1959 and has remained dedicated to providing children in inner-city Chicago with activities that keep them away from drugs, alcohol, and gangs ( To encourage children to succeed, the program requires participants to maintain decent grades. However, it also offers a tutoring program for students who do not meet the minimum grade requirement. Perry Mandera serves on the board of the organization.



Perry Mandera Helps Veterans

As a proud American, Mr. Mandera is dedicated to showing his appreciation to the men and women who served in the military. He has donated to several charities that support veterans. Additionally, he is conscientious about hiring veterans at The Custom Companies. The Illinois State Crime Commission, Roosevelt University and several businesses in Chicago work together to help veterans find jobs when they return from tours of duty. Since the collaborative team understands the challenges faced by veterans who return to civilian life, they are sensitive to the traumas that may affect them. By helping veterans find employment in a timely manner, the team of organizations helps reduce the feeling of isolation for returning heroes. Perry Mandera served in the United States Marine Corps Reserve after he finished high school in the 1970s. His interest in the transportation business was cultivated during that time since he learned how to drive a truck for a motor pool. Mr. Mandera was honorably discharged after his service.



Perry Mandera Supports Environmental Responsibility

Since giving back and doing the right thing are both important core values for The Custom Companies, Mr. Mandera works with the Environmental Protection Agency to optimize transportation services. The Custom Companies complies with the EPA’s SmartWay program, which is designed to maximize transportation efficiency. The program targets freight transport, and its objective is to lower the level of carbon emissions from each vehicle. SmartWay offers free solutions for freight and logistics providers. These solutions include tools for documenting fuel usage and tracking emissions. Mr. Mandera uses the data to analyze efficiency, and he works with professionals to find optimal solutions and ways to make beneficial changes. As someone who cares about the future of the planet, Mr. Mandera remains dedicated to finding ways to reduce pollution while providing necessary transportation services.


The Custom Companies Promotes Giving

Perry Mandera founded The Custom Companies in 1986. He had worked in several transportation businesses before he started the company (Bloomberg). When he started the business, he made charity an important part of its mission. As the company grew and prospered, Mr. Mandera decided to develop Custom Cares Charities for a stronger focus on philanthropy. While most of the charity’s funds go to other local charities, individuals and organizations, a considerable amount of money is donated to national organizations. Custom Cares Charities lists its donation recipients on its website. Some well-known organizations that the charity distributes money to include Girl Scouts of America, Boy Scouts of America, Mercy Home for Boys and Girls, Operation Support Our Troops, Toys for Tots and many others. Custom Cares Charities donates to medical organizations that fund treatment and research efforts for cancer, multiple sclerosis, and muscular dystrophy.


Perry Mandera takes pride in offering his company’s customers round-the-clock satellite tracking, competitive pricing, warehousing, storing and both international and domestic forwarding and freight services. His dedication to quality service earned him a spot on the ITA’s list of the country’s top 100 transportation executives. In his personal life, Mr. Mandera is passionate about spending time with his family and participating in church activities. In addition to serving on the board for the Jesse White Tumblers, Mr. Mandera is a board member of the Walter & Connie Payton Foundation. When he is not busy managing his full-service transportation company, giving back to the community or spending time with his family, Mr. Mandera enjoys blogging about causes that interest him.

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