Tony Fauci Thinks COVID-19 Might Take Out Millions Unless The Government Gets Its Act Together


President Trump read from a teleprompter while he tried to calm down Americans who don’t know what to expect as COVID-19 continues to infect people around the globe. The World Health organization calls the coronavirus outbreak a pandemic, and that news sent the stock market into bear territory.

Trump told Americans traveling to Europe is a bad idea, so he banned flights in and out of Europe. But he didn’t ban travel to the UK, even though England continues to report an abundance of COVID-19 cases. The president let the country know his administration is on top of the coronavirus outbreak. But the lack of test kits and the president weak response proves otherwise, according to the New York Times.

The president blasted Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin during one of his off-color rants. Mr. Trump wants Mnuchin to force Powell to cut interest rates to the bone. But Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell thinks the stimulus package ball is in Trump’s court. But from the sound of Trump’s statement to the public, his stimulus package is still up in the air.

Congress has its own stimulus package in the works, but Trump wants no part of anything Nancy Pelosi puts in play. He refused to meet with Pelosi. Pelosi and Congress came up with a stimulus package that will help Americans deal with the financial blowback from the coronavirus pandemic.

Mr. Trump wants to protect his reelection campaign, but Wall Street economists and Las Vegas oddsmakers think the coronavirus outbreak could be Trump’s poison political pill. Gross Domestic Product growth continues to feel the pain from the virus, as well as from the president’s shortsighted economic moves, according to the New York Times.

Sending test kits to doctors, hospitals, and other health organizations is still a work in progress, due to a test kit glitch the administration overlooked. New York’s Governor Cuomo told Trump he’ll get his own test kits while Pence tries to figure out how to fill the health pipeline with test kits.

Tony Fauci, one of Trump’s top health officials, let the press know millions of people could get the virus unless the government acts quickly. But there’s a fight brewing between Trump and Congress over a stimulus package, as well as a mass quarantine initiative. Trump’s battle with Congress could get messy again while people wait for medical and financial relief, according to the Washington Post.


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