There Will Be a Sequel to ‘Knives Out’


One of the surprise hit movies of last year was the murder mystery called “Knives Out.” It starred Daniel Craig as a detective who was trying to figure out if a famous author was murdered by a member of his family so they could inherit his millions of dollars. The official autopsy report ruled the old man’s death as a suicide. The film had many notable actors in it. Jamie Lee Curtis, Don Johnson, Michael Shannon, Christopher Plummer and Chris Evans all had major roles. It only cost $40 million to make the film. However, it was able to rake in almost $300 million around the world. It should then be a surprise to nobody that a sequel to “Knives Out” has now officially been given the green light.

The original “Knives Out” film was written and directed by Rian Johnson. He will again be back to handle the writing and directing of the sequel. Daniel Craig is under contract to once again play Detective Blanc. The southern accent that the character had in the film became very popular with viewers. It is not clear when filming is going to begin. The cast of the sequel has not been revealed as of yet. However, these are very early days. The script to the sequel has not even been written.

The big success of “Knives Out” came as a total shock to many people who work in Hollywood. This is because murder mystery movies have not been a popular genre in a very long time. In fact, a major studio had not released a movie that would fall into that category in many years. However, millions of people around the world were obviously interested in seeing the film. The reviews have been very positive from critics and audiences alike. Rian Johnson hit a home run with this film.

Lionsgate is the studio that financed and produced “Knives Out.” Rian Johnson said that he pitched the movie to a variety of studios. However, many of them passed on the project because they did not think the concept of a murder mystery would be captivating to today’s audiences who want nonstop action. It turns out that the studios that turned down the chance to produce “Knives Out” could not have been more wrong. It seems the murder mystery genre is alive and well. It is only a matter of time until the sequel is released around the world.


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