The President Wants To Lock John Bolton Up


The Iowa caucus results ran into a smartphone glitch, and that delayed announcing a winner. According to caucus officials, election interference wasn’t the cause of the glitch. But the Republicans wasted no time declaring the Democrats have internal issues that hinder their ability to hold a state caucus without creating some sort of drama.

The coronavirus has China’s economy in a tailspin. The government dumped more than $170 billion into its markets to protect economic growth. But economists predict China’s GDP product growth will drop by 2.0% in the first quarter. But it’s not just China GDP growth that’s on the coronavirus chopping block. The U.S. economy will take a hit, and Europe’s lethargic economy could meet a recession head-on in the first quarter.

Brexit hindered economic growth in the EU and Britain. Boris Johnson promised voters he would increase economic growth, but it’s unclear how he’ll do that without a tariff-free trade deal with the U.S. and the EU. EU officials say they can’t give Johnson the deal he wants by the end of 2020. And Pompeo told Johnson they want him to sign a trade deal with Trump before the EU deal is in the history books. The EU told Boris their deal comes first.

Mr. Johnson’s decision to use Huawei to build parts of his 5G cellular network didn’t help his trade deal situation. Pompeo and the president warned Boris not to use Huawei. But the new prime minister told Pompeo he doesn’t need his tech advice. It’s unclear if Trump will follow through and stop sending intelligence briefing to the U.K. for ignoring his Huawei warning.

Adam Schiff and House managers tried to convince Republicans to vote Trump out of office, but the Republican Party won’t let that happen. Several Republicans admitted the president crossed legal lines during his attempt to get Ukraine to open an investigation that would bury Joe Biden in a quid pro quo graveyard. But the president’s plan did not meet impeachment criteria.

John Bolton’s new book claims Mr. Trump forced President Zelensky to hurt Joe Biden. But the vote not to call witnesses left Bolton out of the impeachment picture.

According to several news reports, the president wants to ruin Bolton’s credibility by claiming Bolton engaged in criminal activity by putting national security secrets in his book. The president wants the DOJ to indict Bolton. Bolton is officially on the president’s loser list and he wants to punish John for his book comments.


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