Novavax Plans To Develop A Coronavirus In 90 Days


Mitch McConnell scored the winning point in the impeachment trial when he convinced his best friend Lamar Alexander to vote not to hear witnesses. Alexander said the president was out of line when he tried to get help to win the 2020 election, but impeachment is too harsh a beating.

Mr. McConnell controlled the back door of the trial. The Kentucky senator has a reputation for being an articulate and astute politician with razor-sharp focus when it comes to winning. McConnell needs Trump in order for him to win another Senate term. So Mitch celebrated the win by gently bashing Pelosi and the Democrats and staying out of the Mitt Romney fiasco.

Mitt became the first senator in history to vote to remove the president of his own party. Don Jr. thinks Romney is expulsion worthy, and other senators called him names like “fraud” and “snake”. Trump sent Mitt a few trash-talking tweets his way, but the president’s first round of tweets won’t be the last time Romney feels the president’s revenge, according to the New York Times.

Boris Johnson may only get a bare bone-type trade agreement with the EU. He may get a free trade deal on most goods and services. But sorting out the security issues as well as the overlap in the manufacturing and retail sectors won’t happen by the end of 2020. The EU wants to extend the deadline to the end of 2021. But Johnson won’t agree to extend the date. The U.K. still plays by EU rules while trade negotiations continue.

William and Kate decided to take a page out of Harry and Meghan’s show affection in public handbook after the Duke and Duchess went to Canada. It’s against Crown rules for royals to show affection in public. Harry and Meghan ignored that rule, and according to a Hollywood booking agent, the couple’s plans to violate another rule. It seems Harry and Meghan plan to move to LA. Meghan wants to act, and she needed an agent, and Harry needed one for speaking engagements and other functions. Hiring an agent didn’t make the Queen happy. In fact, she denied until the couple told her they did sign an agreement.

More than 28,000 people worldwide contracted the virus. And more than 550 deaths reported, but most of those cases are in China. Maryland-based Novavax plans to develop a vaccine for the coronavirus within 90 days. Novavax made headlines when the company developed a vaccine for the Ebola virus in three months. The company’s stock didn’t move much after the coronavirus vaccine announcement.


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