Britain Becomes The First Country To Leave The European Union


The witness vote went the way the president expected it to go. Only two senators voted with the Democrats instead of the four lawmakers that sat on the witness fence until the day of the vote. Several Republicans told the press what Mr. Trump did to Ukraine was out of line, but his attempt to get help from president Zelensky is not an impeachable offense.

Adam Schiff and the Democrats think the president will take the vote as a sign he can do what he wants for the next 10-months, and it appears the Republican Party thinks that’s okay. Senator Rubio told the press the trial was a political event. Rubio said the voters should decide if Trump committed an impeachable offense when they hit the polls in November.

Mike Pompeo went to Ukraine to show support for President Zelensky while the Senators voted. Mr. Zelensky told Pompeo he still wants a meeting with the president. But Mike told the new president Mr. Trump needs more time before he meets with him. Several reports claim Pompeo went to Ukraine to force Zelensky to announce he didn’t feel pressure during the July conversation with Mr. Trump. But according to John Bolton’s new book, Mr. Trump asked him to work with Giuliani in May 2019 in order to push Zelensky to help him upend Biden’s campaign.

Harry and Meghan told the press they will hang in Vancouver for a few months, but they want to move to Los Angeles once they all the press coverage abates. Several reports claim Meghan is in the market for an agent. There’s a possibility Disney may want her to voice act in an upcoming film.

Prince Andrew is under the press’s microscope for avoiding the FBI, according to the British press. Bill Barr opened a Jeffrey Epstein investigation, and Andrew seemed to be a prominent player in Epstein’s alleged scheme to offer underage girls to high-powered executives and politicians.

The Brits finally cut bait and left the EU on January 31st. The U.K. is the first country to leave the European Union. Britain spent 47 years being one of the EU’s most influential members. But the Brits didn’t like the fact workers from other member countries came to Britain to find work. Those workers took jobs away from British citizens because they work for less pay.


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