The Wind Blows Portions Of The Border Wall Mexico’s Way


President Trump tweeted “Game Over” after his defense lawyers showed senators old clips of Bolton telling the press his mission in Ukraine was to root out corruption. And when the defense showed a clip of Schiff trash-talking Bolton’s credibility, Mitch McConnell knew he had enough votes to block witness testimony.

Most senators don’t want to go through a witness trial. The trial could last for months, and that would hurt the senators running for reelection. Mr. Schiff said protecting the constitution is worth the risk of not being elected, but that didn’t work.

Three Republican senators want to hear what Mr. Bolton has to say, but three votes are not enough. The word on Capitol Hill is Tennessee’s Lamar Alexander may be the deciding vote. But Lamar is neck-deep in a Republican healthcare proposal, and he wants to finish it before he retires at the end of the year. This impeachment trial may end with no witness testimony and according to Harvard Professor Larry Tribe than is Absurd and extremely dangerous.

Alan Dershowitz presented an argument most legal scholars say makes no constitutional sense. Alan claims Trump had the public interest in mind when he tried to get Zelensky to ruin Joe Biden’s campaign. Trump thought getting reelected was important to the public interest. But Trump’s favorable public interest hovers around the 43% mark, according to the New York Times. And the founding fathers said presidents can’t ask for help from foreign leaders to win an election.

But just to make sure Bolton’s thoughts stay out of the public eye until after the election, the White House sent Bolton a letter. The letter claims Bolton put too much top-secret-classified stuff in the book, and he has to remove it before it goes to the publisher.

The Queen and Prince Charles had a meeting after they got word Prince Andrew left the FBI hanging when they asked his attorney to set up an interview. Andrew told the press the FBI didn’t contact him, but when they do, he’ll tell them what he told the BBC.

The president’s border wall builder wants to complete 450 miles of wall before the election. But A chunk of border wall fell on the Mexican side of the border when it couldn’t withstand the 37mph winds that hit El Centro, California. Border Protection Agent Carlos Pitones told the press the concrete foundation was still wet when the winds hit.


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