Trumps Press Secretary Doesn’t Hold Press Conferences


The Megxit debacle has the royal family in a state of panic. Prince Harry and the American duchess want to break away from Buckingham Palace and live like normal jet-setting millionaires. The only fly in their well-concocted plan is they need a benefactor. Most of the couple’s income comes from Prince Charles, and Charles isn’t happy with Harry’s plan to give the royal family the finger and live in North America half the year.

Meghan didn’t fit the Brits concept of a duchess. The U.K. has white supremacy issues in its DNA. The British press let Meghan know she is the wrong color, and she is from the wrong zip code to be a royal. Meghan wants to get away from the British press. And she wants to raise Harry’s son away from the Queen and all the crap that comes with being part of her dynasty.

The Senate impeachment trial got off to a shaky start when Nancy Pelosi decided to hold the impeachment articles for three weeks. She threw a political monkey wrench in Mitch McConnell’s plan to acquit Trump in the pre-staged trial he concocted with Trump’s attorneys. Pelosi wants Bolton to testify, but the Trumpster told Fox News he won’t let Bolton tell the country the details behind his half-baked plan to screw Zelensky. Mr. Trump claims he wants to protect future presidents from experiencing the abuse Pelosi put him through.

The president took a huge risk when he drone-fried General Soleimani. Iran retaliated by missile-screwing two Iraq military bases. But Iran made sure the 15 missiles didn’t cause casualties. U.S. officials sent a message to Iran through the Swiss Embassy in Tehran asking Khomeini to go easy on Trump so he can claim victory and stand down. That’s what happened, but 176 people met their maker from Trump’s decision to execute the general. Iran thinks Mr. Trump is a terrorist. The Trumpster wore that title like a badge of honor during his first 2020 rally in Ohio.

Mr. Trump claims Soleimani planned to bomb four U.S. embassies, but there’s no proof. Mike Pompeo told the press the State Department didn’t know what Soleimani had up his terrorist sleeves even though Trump claims he has proof to support his act of war.

Getting accurate facts out of the Trumpster is a challenge. Stephanie Grisham, Trump’s press secretary, doesn’t hold press conferences even though she’s paid $150,000 a year to keep the country informed. Anderson Cooper thinks Grisham wants to subversively bring Trump down when she makes statements on Fox News that have a double-meaning.


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