How the Wawona Packing Company Operates Their Business


The Wawona Packing Company has become very successful when it comes to getting fresh fruit packed and ready for shipment. The company got its start in 1948. They make sure that the fruit they provide is very high quality. The headquarters if the company can be found in California in the city of Cutler. There are more than 1,000 people who work at the company at the present time. They have a stellar reputation in the fruit packing industry. Peaches and nectarines are among the many different varieties of fruit that they pack. There are over 9,000 acres that are used for the purpose of growing the fruit that is packed by the company.

The Wawona Packing Company is also known for the things they do in an effort to make sure the environment is not harmed by their operations. This is something that the company takes great pride in. Conservation has always been one of the top priorities for the company since it was originally founded decades ago. One of their biggest goals is to reduce the carbon emissions created by the company. They have been at the forefront of the creation of natural ecosystems in the areas where they do business. The conservation of natural resources is one of the things that the company has heavily invested in over the years. It is because of these things that the company has a reputation for helping the environment. One of their biggest goals is to influence other businesses to follow their lead regarding the way they protect the environment.

The conservation of water has been a huge topic of debate in California. The reason for this is the large amount of droughts that have plagued farmers throughout the entire state. As a result of this, the state has created laws that prevent people and businesses from using unlimited amounts of water. The Wawona Packing Company is proud of the fact that it has been at the forefront of the water conservation effort in CA. The company uses mechanical instruments that are commonly known as tensiometers. The purpose of these instruments is to allow people to be aware of the water amount required to maintain the fertility of soil. Fan-jet drip irrigation is utilized so that water will never go to waste while this process is underway. Meanwhile, the plants will get the water that they need to create fruit that is among the most nutritious and best tasting in the state.

The Wawona Packing Company has been optimizing the use of solar power for several decades. Solar power is used to operate the various buildings where the cooling and packing of their fruits is done. The change to solar energy was done because the people who owned the company wanted to reduce the carbon footprint they were creating. Mulch is formed from the plant trimmings created by the company. This is yet another way that the Wawona Packing Company tries to make the environment better in any way they can.


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