Pilot Freight Services: A Highly Effective International Enterprise


Pilot Freight Services is a full-service shipping company that can send their clients’ volume virtually anywhere in the world. In addition to its core shipping business, it offers logistics consulting and other services. The company started nearly 50 years ago in Philadelphia and rapidly expanded into an international operation through ingenuity, teamwork and tenacity.

Because they partner with shipping organizations in 190 countries, Pilot Freight Services has a truly impressive reach. They have 75 of their own offices in North America alone, and they do administration directly out of the Netherlands and Spain in order to be close to their European operations. Essentially, there is no down time with this company, and they are in operation 24/7 all around the world.

Increasingly, businesses are turning to Pilot Freight Services for help with logistics. As the importance of e-commerce grows, so does the value of logistics consulting from an organization that has been shipping all manner of goods for a half-century.

Green initiatives

Pilot Freight Services is all about protecting the environment, and this has been their attitude from the time they were founded. Accordingly, they have many initiatives to operate in a green manner. For example, they follow a policy of encouraging reusing and recycling when it comes to the packaging of the freight they ship, and they are systematically replacing their own warehouse equipment that operates on fuel with equipment that runs on electricity.

They also have balers in their many warehouses to turn packaging into reusable material. On a corporate level, they go out of their way to partner with other companies that share their values when it comes to being as environmentally friendly as possible.

Corporate history

Pilot Freight Services began in 1970 when it became a corporation and opened its initial station in Philadelphia. Expansion brought a series of financial challenges, but in 1993, when Richie Phillips took over as CEO, the company soon became quite profitable, and by 2015 it was taking in $500 million annually in revenue. In 2016, the company was purchased by ATL Partners and bcIMC, and it is run by them to this day. Their National Customer Service Center, in particular, is seen as an industry model for courtesy, efficiency and reliability.


Because of its commitment to its employees as well as to its customers, the company is known as a great place to work. This is demonstrated by its excellent employee retention rate, and at least 60% of its workers have been with the company for over ten years. In general, the company promotes from within, and its current CEO, Gordon Branov, started his career with the company 25 years ago working on the loading dock at the Los Angeles station.

As e-commerce explodes, the company goes above and beyond to attract and retain the best talent. They offer excellent medical and other benefits, and tuition reimbursement programs are available for employees seeking to expand their knowledge and skill sets.


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