Lindsey Graham Launches A Biden Investigation In The Senate


Ben Netanyahu, the longest reigning PM in Israeli history, is up to his Trump-loving neck in corruption charges. The pushy leader let the public know Israeli’s attorney general indicted him for allegedly pulling some of the same corrupt moves Mr. Trump is famous for pulling.

Ben might have to step down now that he faces breach of trust, fraud, and bribery charges. Mr. Netanyahu is also the first Israeli PM to get indicted in office. Mr. Trump and Jared Kushner worked closely with Ben when Jared decided he could fix the political, social, and ethnic issues in the Middle East. Kushner relied on Ben’s advice to freeze the Palestinians out of his Middle East peace proposal. The Palestinians laughed at Kushner’s attempt to make them adhere to the demands of Netanyahu and the Salman dynasty in Saudi Arabia.

Mr. Netanyahu’s opponent Benny Gantz couldn’t form a government either, so Israel has no choice but to hold another election. If an Israeli Never Trumper wins that election, Trump’s plan to bring Iran to its knees might fall apart. Ben claims he’ll fight the charges, but there is enough evidence to prove Netanyahu tried to act like a Middle Eastern Trumpian who plays by his own rules.

President Trump invited Republican senators to lunch this week. Trump had lunch dates with the men who hold his political fate in their hands for the last several weeks. Mr. Trump knows he has to keep the senators on his side when the judiciary committee sends articles of impeachment to the Senate. According to Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham, Trump will get a “get an impeachment-free card when the Senate votes.

Graham and McConnell have to back the president. Their political future depends on Trump staying in office. But McConnell faces tough competition in Kentucky and Graham might lose to a Democrat if suburban South Carolina voters vote the way suburban voters in Kentucky and Louisiana voted during the recent governor’s races in those states.

Mr. Graham wants to open an investigation on Joe Biden now that the public impeachment hearings didn’t go Trump’s way. According to credible witnesses, Mr. Trump pressured Ukraine to do his political dirty work. Lindsey wants to take some impeachment heat off the Trumpster by opening a Biden investigation. Trump claims Biden did a quid pro quo number on Ukraine while he was VP. But that claim is just part of Trump’s plan to take attention away from his issues and ruin Joe Biden in the process.


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