Delta Dental Of California Is Committed To Their Clients’ Oral Health


Dental Dental of California is one company within the larger Dental Dental Insurance framework. Dental Dental of California is one of the largest providers of dental insurance within the state of California. The company currently has over 2,900 employees, and it is headquartered in San Francisco. Delta Dental of California is a not-for-profit corporation. There are 15-states served by Delta Dental of California and its affiliated companies.

Delta Dental of California was founded in 1955. Delta Dental was founded when a group of dentists wanted to find a way to help treat their patients in a more cost-effective manner by offering affordable dental insurance to help meet their patients’ needs.

Dental insurance through the company is offered to both individuals and as a benefit provided through an employer. Delta Dental of California works with state, local and federal governmental agencies to help provide dental care. Delta Dental of California is one of the plans offering coverage to low-income residents of California, and the firm also works as a provider of dental coverage for veterans covered under the TRICARE program. Plans are also offered through the state of California Health Marketplace and as part of the marketplace of plans.

Part of the mission of Delta Dental of California is to provide outstanding customer satisfaction. One way that this metric is measured is by how many people decide to remain policyholders with Delta Dental of California after the policy year ends. Delta Dental of California has a retention rate of approximately 95 percent, and that is one of the highest retention rates in the nation.

One of Delta Dental of California’s most popular dental insurance plans in DeltaCare USA. This plan offers a number of convenient features for patients. Patients that are part of the plan can select a primary dentist from a wide range of affiliated dentists. When patients use a dentist that is within the network, there are no claim forms to fill out. Everything is handled for the patient at the dentist’s office.

As part of its commitment to helping its clients, Delta Dental of California works with a number of charitable groups within its service area. This past summer, the company received recognition as one of the top philanthropic organizations in the San Francisco Bay area. Through the Delta Dental Community Care Foundation, the company has contributed almost $40 million to charitable causes in the last eight year period.


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