Engine Cover Comes Off United Flight


There was a scary incident on a United Airlines flight that was going to Orlando from Denver. The covering of one of the engines came off during the flight. The pilots were made aware of the situation and they were able to make an emergency landing without any problems at all. The incident is being investigated to find out why the covering came off. A passenger recorded the covering coming off with his phone. The video has been posted on many of the biggest news websites in the United States. The incident has created a lot of bad publicity for United Airlines.

This incident is even more troubling when you consider the fact that a different United Airlines flight in 2018 had a problem that was almost identical to this recent situation. There has been a lot of scrutiny about the safety of passenger planes because of the two fatal crashes that occurred last year. The Boeing planes that were involved in those crashes are still being fixed. They have not been allowed to fly again in the U.S. or any other country in the world. The passengers on the United flight were moved to a different aircraft and were taken to Orlando without any more incidents.

The coverings of the engines have not had a history of coming off planes for other airlines. It remains a mystery as to why a pair of United planes have suffered this same sort of mechanical issue. There were no passengers hurt in either of these incidents. The airline was very lucky. However, they still might receive a fine from the FAA if they are found to be in some sort of violation. The FAA will often fine an airline for not properly maintaining their plane. This is what might happen in this situation. Only time will tell.

United Airlines issued an apology to the passengers who were aboard the flight. The airline also released a statement to the media about what happened. Their statement said that the crew was made aware of a possible problem with one of the engines by a passenger. The pilots were immediately informed. At that point, they decided that making an emergency landing was the right thing to do. Pilots are always very cautious in situations like this. The engine itself did not appear to be damaged. The only damage was to the metal covering that surrounds it.


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