Trump’s Tweets Have The Bond And Stock Markets Bouncing Off The Financial Walls


The latest entry in Trump’s plan to replace America’s democracy with a monarchy came from his campaign manager Brad Parscale. Brad told a group of California Republicans the Trump family plans to build a Trump dynasty in California and in other states, and it will last for decades.

Brad’s comments about Trump wanting to build a dynasty is not the first time someone in the Trump camp claimed Trump wants to be a king. Mr. Trump claims he should be able to serve more than two terms. He also said he would like to have the same deal President Xi has in China. Xi will be China’s president as long as he lives.

Mr. Trump liked the way the U.K. treats the Queen when he visited Buckingham Palace with a group of his favorite Trumpians. He also liked the way Boris Johnson listened to his advice about the Brexit situation. Trump wants Johnson to leave the EU without a signed agreement. Trump told Boris he would give him a great trade deal if he leaves without a deal.

Mike Pence let the Irish know Johnson is Trump’s man. Pence told the Irish to suck-it-up if Johnson’s plan to close the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland works. The British Parliament won’t let Johnson leave the EU without a deal, but in true Trump fashion, Boris told Parliament he will break the law and leave the EU without an agreement on October 31st.

Now that Congress is back in town, impeachment is the word of the day. Jerry Nadler and the Congressional Judiciary Committee want to go beyond the Mueller report so the impeachment process will work. Trump still makes money from his business holdings while he’s president. Some reports claim Trump has a deal with Ben Netanyahu to develop the West Bank, and he wants to develop ocean property in North Korea if he can work around the Kim Jon Un nuclear issue. Plus, he still wants to build a Trump Tower in Moscow with Putin’s help, according to the New York Times. Other reports claim the foreign dignitaries and the Republicans who stay at his Washington Hotel violate the emoluments clause. Nadler wants to nail Trump on corruption charges, according to the Washington Post

The stock and bond markets seem to bounce off the financial walls every time Trump sends a tweet about Jerome Powell and the Feds incompetency. Both markets react when Trump claims the Chinese want to make a deal. Mr. Trump worries about a recession in private, but in public, he still claims his economy is on fire. But in reality, Mr. Trump economic agenda and tariff weapons have recession written all over them, according to MarketWatch.


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