Trump’s EPA Takes Issue With California Yet Again, Citing Homeless Persons’ Waste As A Problem


California is known around the country for being home to some of the most liberal, left-leaning thinkers in the United States. This is true for laypeople who are citizens of the Golden State, people who serve in various public official roles on the municipal level, and politicians who are active in the California State Legislature, as well. You probably are already familiar with this fact about California, however.

United States President Donald Trump – you’ll certainly be familiar with this tidbit, too, unless you’ve been hiding in a cave or under a rock for the past three years – belongs to the Republican Party, which, of course, is essentially at war with the Democratic Party. It can be relatively safely asserted that the two are at “war” because of the fact that modern tensions between the members of the two major parties are more prevalent than ever before.

Taking all of the aforementioned information into mind, it is easy to determine that the Trump administration, as well as the federal agencies that fall under the Trump administration’s direction, would routinely run into problems in its dealings with the state of California.

Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency, also called the EPA for short, recently came out publicly against the Golden State, doing so on Thursday, Sept. 26, 2019, just yesterday, saying that the Golden State is responsible for actively going against the provisions set out by various federal laws related to maintaining clean waterways and bodies of water. Trump’s EPA says that the state of California violated these laws by failing to control its collective homeless population’s aggregate human waste from contaminating these water supplies.

This information was published across major news publications yesterday after they all found out about such an assertion, which was officially made by the Environmental Protection Agency in a formal letter to Gavin Newsom, the current Democratic Governor of the state of California.

This issue is one of countless issues that have come forward between the federal agencies that are operated by the Trump administration and the Golden State, with other such problems being related to things such as not appropriately handling the massive inflow of immigrants, many of whom are certain to not have been legally allowed by the United States federal government to enter the country, as well as failing to maintain proper standards as related to the efficiency of automobiles and how much carbon they pump out into the atmosphere.


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