Scaramucci Calls The Trumpster An Orange Maniac And Diseased Dad


Mr. Trump continues to defend his Hurricane Dorian claim. The president said Dorian’s early path showed Alabama in the danger zone. But immediately after his tweet about Alabama being one of Dorian’s targets, the National Weather Service sent out a tweet saying Alabama was never in danger.

Despite that claim, Trump continues to rant about Dorian’s early path. The president had several aides confirm Alabama was in danger. The map Trump used to explain his thoughts was a doctored version of the original weather map. Someone in Trump’s inner circle used a sharpie and circled Alabama on the map to prove Trump was right.

The number and content of Trump’s tweets have his allies worried, according to the New York Times. After China announced they would come to Washington in October to talk trade with the Trump trade team, the president kept Twitter pressure on China. Trump claims the Chinese want to talk because his tariffs work. But there’s no date set for the meeting, and it’s doubtful China will sign the deal Trump wants them to sign, according to the Washington Post.

But the stock market had a positive reaction to the alleged October meetings. Mr. Trump believes keeping stock market values up proves the U.S. economy won’t contract. But contraction signs like the inverted bond yield curve, a slowdown in U.S. manufacturing, and a pending recession in Europe and Asia tell a different story. Economists think Trump’s tariffs along with the Brexit debacle will produce a recession by June 2020 if not sooner, according to the New York Times.

Mr. Trump’s fight with Iran also plays a role in Trump’s eroding economy, according to economists. French President Macron decided to give Iran a $15 billion line of credit when Iran ships oil to Asia and Europe. The president told the press he might meet with Rouhani, but according to the Times, that won’t happen unless Iran backs down and lets the president rework the 2015 nuclear deal.

Former Trump lover Anthony Scaramucci thinks Trump lost it when he decided to abuse the four Congresswomen he calls “the face of the Democratic Party.” Scaramucci, a diehard Republican, wants to defeat Trump in 2020. The former White House communication director called the president an “orange maniac” and a “diseased dad.” Anthony plans to travel to several key Trumpian states during the campaign to help put Trump out to pasture in an orange jumpsuit.


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