Dallas Cowboys Lose First Game of the Year


For the first three weeks of the NFL season, the Dallas Cowboys were one of the best teams. They had a powerful offense that was destroying every team they played. Quarterback Dak Prescott was lighting up opposing defenses and playing better than he ever had before. His numbers were outstanding. The team seemed to be firing on all cylinders. They won their first three games of the season. However, all of those good things came to an end Sunday night at the Superdome against the New Orleans Saints. Needless to say, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was not a happy camper.

The game was a very boring affair. Neither team really did much right in terms of their offense. The Saints eventually defeated the Cowboys by a score of 12-10. The Saints are without star QB Drew Brees. He will be out for another six weeks after having surgery on his hand. Teddy Bridgewater took over as the QB and did not play great. Both he and Dak Prescott did not throw a single touchdown pass in the game. They each threw one interception. The game created a lot of questions for both teams. Will the Saints be able to survive with Bridgewater as QB? Will Prescott play better in future games?

One of the big problems for the Cowboys in the game was their inability to hold onto the ball. Ezekiel Elliot and Jason Witten lost fumbles for the Cowboys. Turnovers have not been an issue for Dallas in their first three games. However, they helped to change the game against the Saints. There is a lot of very high expectations for the Cowboys this year. Their talent is far superior to many other teams in the NFL. They are expected to battle the Philadelphia Eagles for the NFC East title this year. However, pundits have jumped of the Dallas bandwagon after their very poor game in New Orleans.

Jerry Jones said after the game that his team needs to get better in many phases of the game. He said they need to hold onto the ball better in order to give themselves a chance to win. He feels that the team was not prepared to play. However, he was not concerned about the bad game by Dak Prescott. HE said that all players have games. There is no way around it. He said that his focus in on the next game.


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