Traveling For The Shot: Max Salk’s Roaming Photography Inspiration

Traveling For The Shot: Max Salk’s Roaming Photography Inspiration

**UPDATED 9/17/19**

In any creative outlet, the act of creating a tangible, aesthetically beautiful, and expressive item out of nothing is usually accompanied by an unwavering inspiration to create said product. Inspiration may come via a precise moment ready to be captured, or by a muse that consistently captures the heart, or even by a feeling evoked by nature. Within the realm of photography, such inspiration is often felt organically upon witnessing a breathtaking scene. Naturally occurring, and untampered with, such inspiration does not need to be staged, tweaked, or created. It simply already exists within its own bounds, waiting to be discovered.


Max Salk Photography Thailand


For investment professional and budding landscape photographer Max Salk, inspiration works in tandem with location, and capturing the naturally occurring perfect moment to convey a certain message. Specializing in landscape and nature photography, the New Yorker often escapes the hustle and bustle of city living in search of capturing the essential beauty of nature’s bounties, discovering breathtaking locations globally. From extreme weather conditions, to foreign lands, Salk’s adventurous spirit, and a love for travel, parlays with his passion for landscape photography, and the two ventures are often simultaneously realized for Salk.


Enthralled by the powerful imagery of stark landscapes, Salk often aims to build a flourishing story within a placid landscape. From the quiet charm of rice paddies popping up from otherwise still waters, to the swift movement of waterfalls nestled in the peaceful Adirondack Mountains, Salk’s pieces find the accidental movement, and surprising life, within otherwise stark surroundings. As the basis for his growing niche style of photography, Salk’s landscape-centric pieces often showcase the juxtaposition of various aspects of nature. Through his examination of stillness, he purposefully conveys various chosen emotions evoked by the stillness.


Though his career within the financial sector is all-encompassing, to say the least, Salk recognizes the value of pursuing one’s passions vigorously. By maximizing his free time with purpose, Salk has successfully blended his passion project, along with personal responsibilities, and a flourishing professional career. Like many multi-talented, hyper-focused young professionals, Salk has chosen to pursue a passion project in his free time.


Developing his amateur portfolio, Salk built upon his continuously developed passion that emerged from a semester abroad in the Netherlands. During an undergraduate semester in college, Salk ventured to the Netherlands, combining his love of travel with his education.  During his time in the picturesque country, Salk often found himself on walks around the city of Rotterdam, armed with a camera that would capture his experiences. Inspired by a mysterious atmosphere created naturally via heavy fog one morning, Salk found this moving moment to be important enough to be immortalized via photograph. This series of photographs perfectly reflected the serenity and eerie stillness of the moment, and received positive feedback from family and peers. Following this life-changing trip, the Finance major committed to garnering the technical skills needed to perfectly capture his emotive visions. The influential initial dock-side photograph from Salk’s Netherlands trip remains as a headlining image on his photography website to this day, serving as a reminder that a naturally keen eye for composition is equally as important as experience, training, and a formal education.


Born and raised in Chicago, the avid Cubs and Bears fan attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where he earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance, with a Minor in History. Post matriculation, Salk’s finance career began with roles at Chicago’s Morningstar and PPM America, before moving to New York City to join The Blackstone Group. During his tenure with PPM, Salk began developing his skillset and experience in recommending companies for investment on behalf of clients, and recognized the fulfillment and motivation that came from his appointments in the financial sector.


Leaving his home state for the concrete jungle, Salk relocated to New York City, and readily engaged in a journey that would find him boldly exploring the city that never sleeps. Through his role as a Vice President and Credit Research Analyst at The Blackstone Group, Salk delved further into the financial sector through the continued evaluation of primary and secondary fixed income investments. The Blackstone Group is a global investment firm, employing over 2,500 people across 24 locations throughout the world.


With a busy and fulfilling career at hand, various personal responsibilities to tend to, several passion projects, and an active social life, Salk’s plate is certainly considered full. Much like many like-minded young professionals, Salk excels within multi-disciplinary endeavors, and relishes the opportunity to successfully juggle many different aspects of life. Throughout previous interviews, Salk has often been asked if he has ever doubted the potential success of his various endeavors, including photography. To this potential initial doubt, he stated, “I think it is natural for anyone to doubt him or herself at times, and I am no different. I am genuinely interested in and enjoy what I do. I think this goes a long way in any career. If you don’t like what you’re doing, or you’re not that interested in it, it is difficult to motivate yourself to go the extra mile. When you enjoy and are interested in what you are doing, it doesn’t feel like work.”


Of course, this interest reigns true for his professional career, as well as his continued exploration of the world of landscape photography. As a young professional who often has to navigate through several daily responsibilities, there is simply no room for partaking in a project that doesn’t provide any sort of creative outlet, positive response, or otherwise desired effect. As with anything in life, the ability to become more proficient in any endeavor takes time, effort, and purposeful involvement in said endeavor. Though one doesn’t necessarily have to become the world leader within every hobby, there’s pride in becoming proficient in a passion project. With those factors in mind, today’s swiftly moving globalized society simply does not have the commodity of time to waste on unfulfilling ventures.


As his professional career continued to progress, his personal motivation to explore his passion for photography became difficult to ignore. With a penchant for following his interests, Salk made a concerted effort to tote his digital camera throughout life’s adventures, and to never miss an opportunity to expand upon his burgeoning skillsets. A firm believer in remaining open to naturally developing opportunities, Salk welcomed these potential opportunities with an open heart, and a camera in hand. Involved in various outdoor activities, including traveling, hiking, attending concerts, exercising, and leading a generally active lifestyle, Salk’s lifestyle lends itself beautifully to his desire for capturing his surroundings.


By combining the many hobbies that motivate Salk’s creative vision, he is able to successfully intertwine the act of creation with interpersonal bonding, adventure, and relaxation. For today’s busy young professional, this feat is almost crucial to keeping up with the various professional, personal, and social demands placed upon individuals. For Salk, though photography is somewhat of a singular activity, it can be blended seamlessly into various social outings, trips, and adventures, driven by the location and activity of the present moment.


Max Salk Photography Italy

In curating his photographs, Salk organizes his portfolio by location, creating a bespoke album that is not only cohesive in tone, subject, and mood, but also a carefully crafted collection that allows viewers to experience the entirety of a particular location, rather than a singular shot. Through his travel diaries, Salk shares anecdotes from each trek, highlighting the meaning behind various photographs, as well as the involved story related to the effort it took to capture a precise moment of beauty. While many viewers can simply glance at a photograph and appreciate its beauty for a fleeting moment, gaining perspective about what it took to capture the moment creates depth in the piece previously unseen, and a particular bond with the photograph that now feels more familiar.


From majestic mountains that fill up the lens with their natural grandiosity, to the quiet solace of roads seemingly leading to unending desert terrain, and the lush greenery sprinkled throughout the Thai landscape, Salk’s location-based photographs aim to capture the essence already present within a particular location. Rather than imposing expectations upon a location, Salk relies on bringing out the most interesting assets native to their surroundings. Through this ebbing and flowing method, Salk aims to invoke a voice from the natural elements in his photographs.


In a sense, it is the duty of a landscape photographer to expose the secrets of a particular setting, and to share a particular story with the world at large. In order to accurately convey this setting or backdrop to individuals who have never witnessed them, the landscape photographer must steal a moment to expertly capture the essence of the fleeting moment without ruining it, or letting it escape undocumented. In this sense, Salk has always appreciated the back-and-forth between natural surroundings and the individual who dares to capture their wildness.


Traveling globally, from Alaska to Laos, Salk has amassed the road-warrior status that parlays itself through the scope of his lens. Though he considers himself an amateur landscape photographer, his naturally keen eye allows Salk to leverage interesting elements to garner thoughtful photographs. A lover of travel, nature, and adventure, Salk’s motivation for exploration acts as a natural extension of his love for photography, as his travel experiences often dictate the outcome of photos. With a desire to “see it all”, Salk’s destination photographs are souvenirs of his travels, and an opportunity to capture a particular nook before moving on to the next area worthy of exploration. Understanding that there is a vast world left to see, along with the notion that he may not return to the same location twice, Salk places great importance on getting it right the first time around, when the opportunity is present.


In bringing his creative visions to life, Salk admits that an ample amount of preparation is key. In terms of garnering the perfect shots, this equates to having the right equipment to capture the essence of the landscape, and creating a situation to be present for the most opportune natural conditions conducive to a beautiful shot. Even with extensive planning, Salk admits to the need for flexibility, and ability to adapt to unforeseen situations. Out of these sometimes unpredictable situations, rewarding results can often arise. Through his exploration, Salk has admittedly created the most powerful photographs out of merely shooting the moments, without any preconceived notions, and abandoning any previously laid out plans.


Max Salk Photography Alaska

Without exposure, even the most brilliant works can remain unappreciated, negating their intention for bringing thoughtful insight to viewers. Understanding this notion, Salk has leveraged modern multimedia platforms to showcase his works, and develop a following. With his work catalogued via various websites, and the presence of a dedicated photography Instagram page, Salk has set forth a traditional web presence. However, with the implementation of his photographs on various social media platforms, Salk has also showcased his photographs on mediums that function on a primarily aesthetic platform, and act as a beacon for the modern millennial generation.


Through his continued exploration of the world of photography, along with his busy professional career, Salk exhibits the characteristics of a multi-talented young professional. Often asked what advice he would give his younger self, Salk states “the world is full of opportunities, and there is no one path to success or satisfaction in almost anything in life. Find something you love doing, and pursue it relentlessly. If it doesn’t work out, try something else. You’re young.” In his own experiences, Salk has certainly heeded this advice himself, recognizing the importance of following one’s bliss, and working hard to develop interests into viable careers, or personally fulfilling passion projects. While many young people may be frightened to stray from a conventional path set forth by parents, media, and the cultural norm, Salk believes that there isn’t a singular answer to each individual’s situation, interests, and desires. Each individual deserves to create a bespoke path, based on their unique assets and interests, and to follow that path with passion, purpose, and the desire for success.


For many amateur photographers, like Max Salk, their own appreciation for travel enables them to seek beauty throughout the world at all times. Thus, Salk has found himself roaming the open road, ready to capture an inspiring scene at a moment’s notice. Already blooming as a photographer, he will undoubtedly build upon his portfolio in the upcoming years, honing in on his particular aesthetic. Through sharing his photographs via various platforms, Salk will continue to inspire others to follow their bliss, and will continue to share the particular message of each moving photograph.


Already a volunteer with the Navy SEAL Foundation, a non-for-profit organization that raises money to support active-duty and Gold Star SEAL families, Salk also hopes to continue to lend his time to further support the organization. Professionally, the young investment analyst aims to parlay his skillset into further growth with The Blackstone Group. Actively engaged in each of these endeavors, the focused and dedicated young professional remains a testament to the notion of moving forward, actively pursuing adventures, and capturing the moments along the way.


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