Leadership in Relief: Barbara Stokes

Barbara Stokes Huntsville AL

Like any good leader, Barbara Stokes of Green Structure Homes of Alabama (GSH of Alabama) knows that the secret to success is team building. “GSH is very fortunate to have a talented design and engineering team in house. I work closely with the team every day to see that ideas are brought efficiently from concept to production,” she says.

It can be easy for those in management positions to want to oversee every aspect of a project. After all, a manager must have the understanding and experience necessary to complete the job themselves. But this is a pitfall of amateur leaders that can lead to gross inefficiencies. Instead, it is essential for managers to fully understand the inner workings of a project to dictate the tasks necessary to complete it. If a leader is doing the work just because it needs to be done rather than building a team to do the job, poor results will become the norm.

When it comes to natural disaster relief, there are thousands of lives on the line with any given event. The period after a natural disaster requires the strongleaders that our nation has to offer. This is where Scott and Barbara Stokes comes in.

As a natural leader, Barbara Stokes refined her abilities to orchestrate through years of education and real-world experience. She graduated from Mercer University in 2001 and majored in biomedical engineering and physics. She also took instruction in manufacturing and management, structures and properties of materials, and thermodynamics. Stokes applies the knowledge that she gained at Mercer daily to her work at GSH, but she also worked for several large corporations, like the Pisces Corporation and Boeing, before founding GSH with her husband, Scott Stokes in 2008.

huntsville al barbara stokes

. With her strong combination of education and skills tempered by hands-on experience, she personally positioned GSH of Alabama as a leader in providing disaster relief through the production and deployment of mobile housing.   GSH touched the lives of countless disaster victims through the delivery of their products, services and donations.

What is the secret to Scott and Barbara Stokes success? Again, it goes back to team building, according to the entrepreneur. “I always try to stay a few steps ahead of where our business is and focus a lot of attention on growth. We’re entirely dependent on the strength of our team to continue growing, so I try to give employees the most enjoyable work experience possible,” says Scott Stokes. “If your employees are happy, they will do better work, which, in turn, creates a better result for your customer, and, ultimately, your business.”

This ambition and readiness to help are not limited to times of national crisis. Scott and Barbara Stokes and GSH of Alabama have also made considerable contributions to the Huntsville community. In 2018, GSH of Alabama made several contributions to Habitat for Humanity of Madison County by way of building supplies. The company donated roughly 125,000 dollars in drywall, linoleum flooring, and Hardie fascia board to the local non-profit in an attempt to bring an end to Madison County’s housing shortage. This makes sense for Barbara Stokes, as she takes a holistic approach to leadership. “I believe that family, culture, and friendship all play significant roles in developing a successful person, and I try to support those points both in our culture at GSH and in my own home,” she says.

For more information on what Barbara Stokes, Scott Stokes and GSH are currently working on visit https://gshofalabama.com/about/.


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