Telebrands Helps New Inventors Spread Their Ideas


Where does an inventor turn to get the word out to consumers about a new product? How do companies explain a slightly complicated consumer good to the average audience? Telebrands has been working alongside inventors for almost three decades now to educate, inform and excite consumers about the diverse products that the inventors and companies they represent hope to bring to the masses. It is one of the most successful direct response marketing firms in the business and has been responsible for the incredible growth of the brands that it represents.

One of the reasons why infomercials are such an effective way to promote a fairly new product to a wide audience is that they are far more engaging than the average commercial or print ad. Telebrands has made a niche for itself in the advertising and marketing market by creating unique and accessible content that tells the full story to consumers about how their brands’ products can improve their lives. When manufacturers and inventors work with Telebrands to expand the reach of their advertising, they are relying on the decades of experience and in-depth market knowledge that the Telebrands team brings to the table. This is why so many brands have been able to launch themselves to new heights after partnering with Telebrands to create television commercials and infomercials.

Even though Telebrands is perhaps best known for its longer and more detailed infomercials, it still produces many traditional commercials for its clients. Sometimes, the expert marketing team at Telebrands will suggest a multi-pronged approach to its clients by producing both infomercials and traditional television commercials when trying to boost consumer awareness of their products and sales. When coupled with the As Seen On TV” logo that clients of Telebrands are able to slap onto their retail products, these strategies inspire confidence and trust in consumers.

More Background Information on Telebrands

Telebrands is perhaps most widely recognized for its creation of the iconic “As Seen On TV” logo that adorns a wide variety of consumer products sold at retailers across the world. The company was founded in 1983 by its current CEO, A. J. Khubani. It started out as a print advertisement producer for a long list of brands. His tenacity and willingness to experiment with different marketing strategies helped build his reservoir of advertising and marketing knowledge that countless clients depend on now to promote their many products. The calculated risks that Khubani was able to take early in his career at Telebrands paved the way for the success that the company and its clients are enjoying today.

Later, the company transitioned into television advertising under the visionary leadership of Khubani. Its most famous television ads took the form of engaging infomercials that created a revolution in national advertising. Currently, Telebrands is responsible for representing an average of 10 to 12 retail products at any given retail location. This makes Telebrands one of the largest direct response marketing companies operating today.


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