Cactus Feeders: Accessible, Affordable, High-Quality & Sustainable Beef And Pork


Cactus Feeders is an American beef and pork company located in six states featuring just over 800 owner-employees. The company has committed nearly 45 years to creating a lower end cost with the use of fewer resources while producing more food. Locations in Texas, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Kansas, and Iowa all share in this goal and work toward producing food that is accessible, affordable, high-quality, and sustainable.

Founded on the purposeful mission statement, “Feeding A Hungry World: Family, Friends, and Neighbors”, Cactus Feeders works diligently to ensure that they are producing nutritious and safe food. As a beef and pork production company since 1975, Cactus Feeders is highly aware of the needs of the individuals who depend on beef and pork for sustenance. The company aims to raise the highest possible quality animal protein and demonstrates this on a consistent basis through carefully engineered cattle handling and specialized management of feed production.

An employee owned (ESOP) company which allows the employees to partake in the profitability of the company, Cactus Feeders feels secure in the exceptional care of the animals that the employees are charged to care for and protect. Interestingly, Cactus Feeders was the first company within the industry to create an ESOP program.

In fact, Cactus Feeders have often been considered to be ahead of the industry curve. Heavily invested in research and the progression of industry practices, Cactus Feeders features representatives of their company in a wide variety of industry association leadership positions, including the industry known National Cattleman’s Beef Association and the Texas Cattle Feeders Association. Additionally, feed developers and pharmaceutical companies often inquire upon the distinct expertise of Cactus Feeders when introducing a new ingredient or researching a new technique.

The company serves a wide customer base which includes procuring cattle for those who feed only one pen per year, those who partner on a retained ownership program, and those who continually feed thousands and thousands of cattle on a continuous cycle. The services offered to potential cattlemen are quite comprehensive. A portion of this includes guiding cattlemen by offering access to performance data which can assist in distinguishing high-performing genetics, plus records of packer and feedlot performance. The services offered even include programs for the financing of feed and cattle or working seamlessly with the customer’s own financial backer to get everything running smoothly.

In addition to the considerations of ensuring that they are producing high quality, safe, affordable product, Cactus also looks to the future to solidify sustainability. According to some estimations, the worldwide demand for food is expected to expand by 100% in just the next 30 years. Assessing population growth in conjunction with inevitable land space limitations leads those looking to the future to realize that an increase in efficiency will be greatly needed. Technology has assisted in creating a bright spot in what could have been considered negative data when one considers that fewer animals are now needed to create the same amount of food, methane output has been reduced, and significant reductions in water and land usage have been documented.

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