Trump Survives His Imaginary Coup While Ivanka Becomes Child Tax Credit Queen


Prime Minister Theresa May has her hands full trying to get her cabinet to agree on a way to leave the European Union. Some cabinet members want a Customs Union with the EU. Other members want a hard Brexit. The country, lawmakers, and Theresa May are in a Brexit nightmare.

The same social, political, and economic divisions are on display in the United States. Trump and his cabinet get along. Most of them are part-timers who do some political moonlighting on the side. Trump likes to keep those conman carrots dangling over the head of his part-time decision makers. Trump’s cabinet is not the problem in the United States. The issue is Trump and Congress don’t play nice with each other.

Mr. Trump claims the Mueller report is the product of a subversive plot to overthrow his crisis-struck administration. Daughter Ivanka decided to fly the Trumpian flag of taking credit for other people’s accomplishments when she took credit for doubling child tax credit deduction. That little grain of nothing but political fluff has been in the Congressional cooker since 2015.

But Ivanka wants to be a politician, according to the Washington Post. Ex-Cabinet member Gary Cohen said she wants to be president. Some unnamed aides say she’s building a Trump dynasty, and it’s made-for-TV ready. Aides call her the Queen of the West Wing. Ivanka likes to twists arms and take names. She’s the sort of queen who tries to act like an aristocrat while she’s selling Trump Kool-Aide.

Republican lawmakers know they have to get the president under control. The staff at the McDonald’s near the White House thinks this coup fantasy keeps the Trumpster awake at night. McConnell and company want to forget about Trump’s non-existent healthcare plan. And they want him to stop beating up Federal Reserve Chairman Powell. And nominating Herman Cain for the Fed board was not the smartest move, according to some Republican lawmakers.

Trump knows Bill Barr will protect him for as long as he can. That’s why Rudy and the Trump legal boys are so happy. Barr wants to investigate the FBI now that Trump needs a lifeline. Trump is a masterful deflector, according to Washington Post journalist Jennifer Rubin.

The political battle between Congress and Trump won’t end well for the U.S. economy, according to the New York Times. Putin’s plan to bring democracy to its knees in Britain and in the United States is in motion. Trumpism and Brexit have the same Putin tattoos to prove it.


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