The Senate Intelligence Committee Thinks Trump Is Not A Collusionist


Mr. Trump is still holding his shutdown cards close to his orange-tinted skin. The bipartisan committee created to come up with a border wall solutions that fit into Mr. Trump’s mythomania world is ready for a vote. Mr. Trump likes the art of surprise when he deals with his enemies and his friends. When Trump was in El Paso trying to throw a Hail Mary wall pass to anyone who would catch it.

Somehow Trump managed to cry wolf so many times about how gangs crawl through the bushes, the gang members decided to do some serious drunk cliff-diving watching in Acapulco until Trump calms down about the wall.

Trump must not watch those Sinaloa Cartel flicks on Netflix during his extended quiet time. The gangs come into the United States in a civilized way, according to Homeland Security reports. They don’t usually swim across rivers and climb mountains to cross the border. They just need money and connections. Central American gangs have both of those things.

The president will have to show his hand at some point. He told his voter base; the wall is still a go. Some reports say he might go into shutdown gear before the new border wall deal goes through the Congress and the Senate. If that turns out to be the president’s choice, Mitch McConnell might need to put some distance between the Trumpster and his Kentucky temper.

Another shutdown could bring the Republicans out of those Senate sparring rooms. A shutdown would clinch Mitt Romney chance to run for president again. Romney and other Republican senators can’t wait for Mr. Trump to continue down this path of political self-destruction. Romney knows Trump’s ethical and moral destruction happened earlier in his life.

Mr. Trump’s riding a shallow wave of good news at the moment. Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Burr told CBS News there’s no slam-the-prison-door-shut evidence that Trump colluded with the Russians during the 2016 campaign. But Burr also said the investigation isn’t over yet. Even though the evidence they currently have includes multiple meetings between Trump campaign officials and Russian officials, there’s no proof those meetings included conversations about Trump lifting sanction against Russia if he won the election. If there was proof that would be collusion. The National Intelligence committee knows Trump, his family, and his close friends had a lot of interactions with Russians, but they don’t know what all those meetings were about, according to Burr.


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