House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Is Donald Trump’s Kryptonite


During the 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump showed the world he could politically spare with seasoned politicians. The first thing he did to win the Republican nomination was intimidate, annoy, and anger his Republican opponents. The Republican men who thought they could send Trump back to his golden Trump Tower didn’t expect Mr. Trump to give them unsavory names and insult their intelligence but that’s what he did. Insults were his weapons, and they worked.

Hillary Clinton was no match for Mr. Trump. He painted her as a crook, and he attempted to prove it with help from the Russians, according to the New York Times. Hillary got an over-the-top Trump tongue and tweet lashing, and she didn’t know how to handle it without stooping to his level. A level that some news reports describe as gangster quality rhetoric that insults, badgers, and deceives anyone who threatens him. Mr. Trump’s game plan put him in the White House and for the last two years, Trump stayed on that gangster level by turning the White House upside down using his version of politics, according to the Washington Post.

The president sucked the queasy political guts out his Republican teammates. He turned the Republican Party into a group of yes lawmakers who gave their ethics away for a taste of power. They applauded as he methodically turned American democracy into an autocracy. Mr. Trump threw equality and human rights out the Washington window.

But Mr. Trump got caught in a political trap of his own making when the Democrats took over the house in 2019. Trump hoped some of the fence-sitting Democrats would send Nancy Pelosi back to California to knit sweaters, but that didn’t happen. Instead, they gave her the power to go toe-to-toe with the ultimate dealmaker. The Art of making deals is in Trump’s DNA. He built an empire making deals that either failed or were so shady that 17 investigations are underway to discover how Trump does what he does and isn’t behind bars.

But Pelosi didn’t pull out her knitting needles. She jumped at the chance to beat Trump at his own game. She gave Trump a California grape-stomping headache when she said Americans don’t want a $5 billion border wall. Nancy stood her ground, and Trump backed down. He didn’t give Pelosi a nickname. She was Nancy to him. The Nancy who plans to politically tear him apart.

The New York Times claims Trump respects Pelosi. But he also loathes her, according to other reports. He’s caught in a trap of his own making, and his presidency is on the cusp of being another failed “art of the deal” mess.


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