Flu Cases Rising in Dayton, Ohio


According to Dayton area health officials, the number of people visiting the doctor’s office for the flu doubled in the past week. They have stated that anyone who has flu-like symptoms should stay home. The Ohio Department of Health stated that the number of flu cases in the state are above the state threshold. However, the number is still lower than the five-year average.

Dan Suffolleto is a public information supervisor. He stated that one of the reasons that flu cases are on the rise is because of the holidays. People tend to aggregate together during the holidays, which makes it easier for the flu to spread.

Forty-nine people in Montgomery County were hospitalized due to the flu. The Ohio Department of Public Health stated that 9 percent of the people who were hospitalized had the flu. Dr. Michael Cohen is the medical director for Public Health-Dayton and Montgomery County. He stated that hospitalization rates do not reveal how many people have the flu. Many people who have flu symptoms do not seek treatment for them.

Many people who have flu-like symptoms will still go out in public. It is estimated that 28 percent of people have gone to the store when they had flu-like symptoms. Twelve percent of them have went to school or daycare to pick up their child when they had flu-like symptoms. Ten percent of people took public transportation with flu-like symptoms.

Sixty-seven percent of people stated that they will go to their jobs even if they had flu-like symptoms. This is a 2 percent increase from last year. Kari Clemens works for Providence Medical Group as quality improvement coordinator. She stated that anyone who has flu-like symptoms should see their primary care doctor as soon as possible. If you take an anti-viral medication within 24 hours of getting the flu, then it may shorten the duration of your illness.

She also stated that you should avoid people if you have symptoms. Additionally, she said that you can wear a mask in public.


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