Chris Christie Thinks Trump Should Not Pardon Roger Stone


The history books will have to add several pages just to cover the life and presidency of Donald J. Trump. The world reads his every political thought, thanks to his strong thumbs and his questionable facts.

Trump drilled a hole in the economy the size of the Grand Canyon when he shut the government down. Thousands of federal employees discovered another reason to question their sanity for working for the government. But Trump came out of his loss by saying he found a way to get those people back to work. He signaled victory even though his wall fell off the negotiating table.

In his best version of FDR with a touch of Bernie Madoff in his tone, Trump painted a picture of violence, hatred, and upheaval coming their way from America’s Southern border. His open-the-government speech turned into a campaign to build the wall with or without the consent of Congress and the people.

But getting his ego smacked by Pelosi wasn’t his only nightmare when news reports claimed his slippery pal Roger Stone got busted by the FBI. According to Mueller, Stone’s job was to find out when WikiLeaks would release the Clinton emails Russia hacked from Clinton’s campaign manager, John Podesta. He let a Trump official know when Trump could turn up the email heat on Clinton during the campaign. That mobster move brings Mueller one step closer to connecting the dots that Trump doesn’t want him to connect.

As soon as the news about Stone went viral, some Washington insiders floated the idea that Trump would pardon Stone if he’s guilty. Paul Manafort would love a pardon, and Michael Flynn may need one too, but former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who now works as a political advisor for ABC News, said Trump should think twice before he lets his criminal buddies go free.

Christie, who just wrote a book that accuses Jared Kushner of throwing him under the bus when Trump needed an attorney general, said Trump could pardon Roger Stone. The president has the right to that. But from a political point of view, a Stone pardon may be another nail in Trump’s political coffin.

Mr. Christie is also testing the waters for a run against Trump in 2020. Christie said he’s undecided about 2020, but he may run in 2024. That news made some New Jerseyites want to blow their dinner. Christie didn’t leave his governorship on a good note.


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