The Walking Dead Killed Off a Popular Character


One of the most popular shows on TV has been “The Walking Dead.” The zombie drama has seen its share of characters come and go during its long run on AMC. Some of those characters have been more popular than others. However, fans of the show were shocked at the events of the midseason finale of the ninth season that recently aired. At the end of the episode, Jesus took on several walkers by himself to allow his friends to get to safety. Alas, one of the walkers was able to get the jump on him and stab him with a sword. The death of Jesus sent shock waves through the fan community of the show.

Jesus has been one of the most popular characters on the show since his introduction a few years ago. He was basically like a ninja. He was able to sneak into places undetected and gather intel with the greatest of ease. He was also a great fighter. However, the writers of the show had not done much to develop his character recently. Many fans complained that the show was wasting the character of Jesus instead of utilizing him in key story lines. Tom Payne, the actor who played Jesus, had expressed frustration over his character’s lack of significance.

There was another huge revelation in this particular episode of “The Walking Dead.” The walkers have evolved to the point where they are no longer brainless zombies that simply plod towards any sound they hear. They now can think and differentiate certain sounds. They can also communicate with each other by talking. However, their biggest surprise was revealed at the end of the episode. They are no longer easy to kill. They can move quickly and wield weapons. This is something that Jesus found out the hard way.

These revelations about the evolution of the walkers has set the show in an exciting new direction. The series had become stagnant over the past few seasons. This has caused ratings to decline significantly of late. The announcement that Andrew Lincoln was leaving the show prior to the debut of the ninth season did little to gain fan interest in the show. However, the fact that the walkers are now a bigger threat than they have ever been before gives the writers seemingly endless possibilities. They are no longer slow moving targets that can be very easily taken out.


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