Antioxidants for Health and Beauty, with Insights from Jeunesse Global


“Antioxidants” – it’s certainly a trendy buzzword floating around the health and beauty world. Antioxidants seem to make an appearance in everything, from health food products to skin care, and companies love to tout their inclusion whenever possible. But what do they actually do, and what are they used for when it comes to beauty? Jeunesse Global – who we’ve written about here – weighs in.

What are antioxidants?

In short, antioxidants are compounds that help prevent the negative effects of oxidation, which the word itself might indicate, by fighting oxidizing agents called free radicals. Free radicals are molecules created when the body breaks down food, but they are also produced when we’re exposed to pollution, radiation or toxins of any kind. When it comes to beauty and skin care, free radicals are a contributor to the signs of aging: wrinkles, uneven coloring and loss of moisture and tone, for example.

What is oxidation and why do we need to stop it? Simply put, oxidation is when a molecule breaks down. In metal, we see it in the form of rust, but in our bodies it’s not quite as obvious, since the molecules involved are different. Oxidation is a natural process and is always happening, but if it picks up too much steam it can cause premature aging, along with internal health problems. When oxidation is occurring at an increased pace and creating too many free radicals, this is called oxidative stress.

The good news is that antioxidants such as vitamins A, C, E, coenzyme Q10, niacinamide and more have been proven have an effect on free radicals in their path through food and topical products. These are just some of the common antioxidants out there, but many more can provide benefits to skin and beauty, and most are available in a healthful diet.

How can antioxidants benefit your beauty routine, and how can you incorporate them into your everyday life for more beautiful, youthful skin?

Benefits of antioxidants

Antioxidants have been studied for their seemingly endless benefits to your internal health. When it comes to beauty, however, the effects are just as strong, and even more visible. After all, your internal health is often reflected in your appearance, so it’s important to take care of yourself from the inside out. If antioxidants are helping keep your internal health in good condition, that will show on your skin.

One of the most desirable advantages of antioxidants might be their perceived ability to help diminish the signs of aging. They can help keep your skin looking young in several ways. When it comes to wrinkles, antioxidants are your best bet to making existing lines appear smaller. They achieve this by plumping out your skin, creating a smoother appearance.

While most antioxidants will work to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, the best ones for this are vitamins C and E.

The benefits of antioxidants in creating more youthful looking skin do not stop at wrinkles. These powerful free-radical-fighting compounds also help make skin firmer. In fact, coenzyme Q10, also called CoQ10, is known to increase energy levels and metabolism, making it easier to get that exercise you need, while helping to keep you looking and feeling young.

Being in the sun is pretty much an unavoidable part of living on this planet, and despite the lovely warm summer days it brings, the dangers of too much sun are all too real. Well, antioxidants can help with that, too. By stimulating the blood flow in your skin, antioxidants promote the creation of new skin cells, bringing back moisture and a youthful glow even after you experience the damaging effects of sun exposure.

How to incorporate antioxidants into your life

With so many upsides and benefits, it’s easy to see why antioxidants should be a part of your everyday routine. You can gain more benefit by incorporating them into your daily routine via supplements and skin care products. But should you ingest them, or should you use topical creams and serums? The answer is: Both! Why not fight free radicals from the inside and the outside?

Some of the Jeunesse products within the company’s innovative Y.E.S. Youth Enhancement System contain those magical antioxidants, and they come in the form of renowned serums and delicious fruit mixes. The top-selling Luminesce skin care line, developed by a board certified dermatologist, helps restore youthful vitality and radiance to your skin with vitamins and antioxidants, along with Jeunesse exclusive APT-200 and other ingredients specially formulated to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The Jeunesse best-seller Reserve is a delicious antioxidant superfruit blend with heart-friendly resveratrol, aloe vera, green tea extract and grape seed extract. Each ingredient in Reserve was specifically selected because of its antioxidant level, nutrition profile and great taste. With its five superfruits: açaí berry, pomegranate, dark cherry, Concord grape and blueberry, this refreshing supplement comes in portable packs, helping you fight free radicals no matter where you are. And if you are sticking close to home, Monavie Active from Jeunesse offers you the antioxidant power of 19 fruits in one bottle. What more could you ask for?

When it comes to taking care of yourself, antioxidants are a terrific addition to your diet. Not only will they help keep you looking young, they can also contribute to your overall health, helping you feel as great as you look. With the options available from Jeunesse, combined with a healthy and varied diet, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of antioxidants inside and out!


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