Doe Deere Welcomes Daughter Lorelei Elita And Shares Photos

Doe Deere Welcomes Daughter Lorelei Elita And Shares Photos

Doe Deere is no longer an expectant mother. She and husband Mark welcomed their daughter, Lorelei Elita, to the family on September 21, 2018. Lorelei is their first child.

While Deere has kept many of the moments leading up to Lorelei’s arrival private, she generously invited the public into her personal life in April when she announced the baby’s pending birth. This week, everyone got to finally meet her.

As the baby settles in, Deere’s social media followers expressed congratulations and showed support. Of course, the baby is beautiful and that’s the topic of many of the well-wishing messages from fans.

Doe Deere Posts Baby Photos on Instagram

No stranger to social media, Deere uses Instagram as her personal update ground zero. Fans know to stay tuned for exciting updates like sneak peeks into her new jewelry line and glimpses of her incredible home.

Therefore it was no surprise when Deere’s network saw the latest big announcement. The baby arrived and she was ready for its first social media selfie.


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The touching photograph captures the bond between mother and child poigently. It’s simple and understated, showing off the baby with no distraction. Deere is face to face with the new addition, soaking her in. You can almost smell that intoxicating new baby aroma through the screen.


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Doe Deere followed up the first photo with a second, a face forward look at Lorelei where all eyes are definitely on her. She sleeps peacefully while her parents look at her with an awe that anyone with kids can relate to. Through the camera, followers get an intimate view of this timeless scene.


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Deere added a short personal note to everyone sharing the joy she and Mark feel. She also took another opportunity to thank her friend and surrogate, Cassie Wanda.

Lorelei is doing wonderful! 🧜🏻‍♀️ Mark thinks she looks like me, I think she’s the spitting image of him as a baby. She’s just an absolute angel from heaven… We are so grateful to @cassiewanda for making our family possible! 💞 – Doe Deere, Instagram

Heaven seems like the perfect word to describe the situation at the Deere-Dumbleton house right now.

Sharing the Waiting Game

This wasn’t the internet’s first inkling of babies for Doe Deere, however. She let everyone in on the secret this past April. Taking to Instagram with a post and later going live, Deere shared the exciting news. Both she and Cassie are radiant in the picture that accompanied the announcement.

The secret’s out – we’re pregnant and Cassie @glimmerwood is carrying our baby! 🤰🏻 Watch the recording of IG Live where we discuss surrogacy, how our husbands feel about it, and more! – Doe Deere, Instagram


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Because a back injury prevents Deere from carrying a baby to term, surrogacy was an ideal option for she and Mark. Their friend Cassie stepped in to offer a perfect solution.

Cassie Wanda, the baby’s surrogate, is also in the fashion world. She runs the vintage and nature-inspired design business, Glimmerwood. Her designs creatively span the worlds of cosplay and vintage design in a way that is uniquely hers.

Her creations share a lot of similarities with Deere’s new jewelry and it’s clear the two women are inspired by a love of beautiful old things and a bit of fancy.

Speaking of Flowers – Meet Poppy Angeloff

There are actually two new pansies in Doe Deere’s life.

In fact, her world looks strikingly thematic to the onlooker. She recently renovated her massive home to drip in floral, nature-inspired antiques and reproductions. She also is about to launch a new brand, Poppy Angeloff, that sells whimsical fine jewelry. Now a beautiful daughter enters her life. It’s a real example of good things coming in threes as the old adage says.

The energy of new beginnings, life, and innocence are positively pervasive for the cosmetics trailblazer.

Furthermore, Poppy Angeloff is soon to begin as another baby of Deere’s leaves the tight clutch of her arms. She and Mark recently shifted their roles at Lime Crime, a cultishly popular beauty brand.

While she took to social media to reassure brand loyalists that she was still involved in the company, she announced her new venture.

[A]s a perpetual thinker & tinkerer, I’m already working on a new project — POPPY ANGELOFF is a collection of fine jewelry for those who want something different. There’s a big emphasis on color and symbolism in my designs, as I believe that jewelry reveals something about us, often acting as a ‘secret handshake’ to like- minded individuals. – Doe Deere, Instagram

These two announcements in short succession cast an electric energy of forward motion and beginnings on Deere’s social media pages.

This is all extremely organic attention that will only help Poppy Angeloff. There is even something integrative about the brand’s symbol, Deere’s commitment to appreciating nature’s beauty, and the arrival of her first child.

Pansy: the ever-blooming symbol of Poppy Angeloff. You’ll see it adorning our packaging, website and even incorporated into the designs. Did you know that back in Victorian times, pansies meant ‘I love you’ or, rather, ‘I think of you’? Because when drooping, a wild pansy’s flower resembles the downcast head of a person absorbed in thought. – Doe Deere, Instagram


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All of the puzzle pieces fit together to make a lovely picture.

Congratulations to Doe Deere and Mark Dumbleton on Their New Baby

Take a moment out of your busy day to soak up some of the joy that’s beaming out of Doe Deere’s life right now. It’s heartwarming and inspiring to see someone achieve happiness and success by being themselves and building a thriving reality. The positivity is infectious.

Plus, the internet is all about babies and cats and you’ll find both on Deere’s socials. Little Lorelei is sharing her parents with a couple of cherished feline friends who are sure to be her new best friends.

You certainly don’t want to miss any pictures of that!

Best of luck to this growing family from everyone looking on with appreciation.


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