The Dark Operation of the Growing Team of Trump


US president Donald Trump is facing two federal investigations one of the probes is in Washington while the other one is in New York. The allegations pose a grave threat to his administration and businesses. The primary challenge experienced by the huge legal team of around a dozen attorneys has failed to understand where the probes are heading or the exposure magnitudes of such legal situations. The group of representative to Trump barely knows what the justice division conspiracies to do with the incriminating evidence gathered. Moreover, the lawyers only have partial intelligence on what the witnesses have communicated to the detectives. Also, the team faces challenging situations since the witnesses are close acquaintances of Trump as well as senior administration staffs.

Also, the lawyers may not have full accounts of actions or events that the president has engaged with during his tenure or when he managed the Trump organization. More so, the problem gets more complicated after the former Trump campaigner chairman pleaded guilty and accepted to work with the prosecutors in the corruption charges he faced. The cooperating chairman Mr. Paul Manafort brings uncertainty to the report given by the lawyers that the campaigner has no incriminating info. The public is yet to understand whether Paul has or will provide damaging information on Trump. The chairman had spent lots of time with the president and his family and was also present in the meeting between Russia and Trump before they offered negative information about Clinton

Paul makes the fourth close acquaintance of Trump agree cooperating with the special counsel investigating the interference of elections by Russians as well as obstruction of justice by Trump. The legal teams of Trump are bracing Robert S. Muller 111the officer in charge to give a negative report to the upper house showing that the president blocked justice. The team insists because they think the officer has no evidence against the accused. Nevertheless, one can quickly realize the uneasiness experienced by the lawyers through the tweets made by Trump. Blaming the head of the legal counsel by close friends of Trump is also other panic signs.

The expansion and reconstitution of his legal team came shortly after the report made by Donald that MR Dowd failed to fulfill his promise of bringing to a quick conclusion of investigations by Muller. The change of strategy was echoed by the actions taken by Donald F. McGahan who spent over one and half days with Muller, the investigator. The advantage gained by the probing agency is visible after cooperation of McGahan.


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