Aaron Donald of the Rams Is a Total Game Wrecker for the NFL Tackles.


The reigning NFL defending player of the year, Aaron Donald, has accepted to a massive contract extension with the Rams. The Los Angeles team will still be enjoying the services of the player. The club handed Aaron a major deal for a player of his class. Aaron Donald is worth the big deal. He is among the most impactful and explosive players in the world of football. Perhaps, he is also the most disruptive force in the NFL nation for opposing offences. There is a better analysis of the way he is a big-time game wrecker from any corner of the defensive tackle position. He performs so well both as a run defender and an interior pass rusher. A clear study of how teams attack the Ram’s defense line, it’s apparent to witness how Aaron Donald factors in those tactical game plans.

For example in the running game, every squad tends to direct the ball away from Aaron Donald. They do this because he is too volatile and often penetrates too quickly when the ball is run at or close to him. In a past game against Eagles, there was an exaggerated version of how most squads run against the Los Angeles Rams. They kept on handing the ball off on a hasty run to the outer wing a distance from where Donald lined up. They used a guard to specifically try and cut off Donald on the back side, permitting him to operate slightly more upfield and inhibit Donald from making a chase down on the run to the play. The Los Angeles Rams were aware that many teams tend to do this and that permits them to heap the side opposite Aaron Donald with more tough defenders to plug the openings.

When teams make a run towards Donald’s side, they are always aware that they are playing with fire and very few teams become lucky for not getting burned. In a game against Redskins, they tossed a play towards Aaron Donald’s side. The team attempted to pin Aaron inside with many defenders. They guarded and permitted the tackle and center to run around as lead blockers on edge for the running back. Nevertheless, Donald showcased off his quickness and speed, full past the left defender off the sudden and almost managing to get the runners right hand on the toss to the running attacker.


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