Lime Crime Heads To The UK

lime crime's original founder, and former CEO Doe Deere
Lime Crime Founder Doe Deere
For some who have grown close to the brand, it’s not a surprise that Lime Crime has made its debut in the UK. In 2008, the company was founded as a way to bring cosmetics to women so that they can feel like unicorns. The products sold by the company are made with bright colors and rich pigments. It was named after the creator’s favorite color and because she has felt that it’s almost like a crime to feel so good about wearing makeup and getting away with wearing the colors.

Lime Crime’s Vegan Promise

Professional efforts are made to ensure that the products that are sold by the company are both vegan and cruelty free so that they are safe for all people to use. There is a great deal of thought put into the products that are developed, and each product is tried before it is listed for sale. The makeup brand is now seen in Selfridges. Residents in the UK are trying to stock up on the most popular items that are offered before they are wiped off of online shelves.

Since beauty products that are geared to the vegan population are selling nicely in the United States, it makes sense for the company to launch in the UK to gain a larger customer base. Some of the other companies that have recently launched in the UK include The Body Shop and Lush. While the goal of the company is to reach as many people as possible, it also wants to offer women a safe product to use at any time. The company also wants women to have the colors that they desire without relying on the traditional pinks and reds that are often seen on store shelves.


Velvetines are among the most popular types of products that are sold by Lime Crime. The matte lipstick comes in numerous colors that include shades of pink and red as well as blue and purple. This product gently coats the lips, offering a feeling that is similar to velvet. However, the lipstick doesn’t dry out the lips, and you won’t see the cracking that you would normally see with other types of lipstick. Even though the product is thin, it has a deep pigment to lock in the color, making it last all day instead of a few hours. Cashmere is among the most popular shades as it’s a nude lipstick that blends well with any color of clothing and other colors of makeup that you wear.

Diamond Crushers come in all colors as well, but you’ll see more pastels in this line. They provide a bit of sparkle to the lips and make it look like you have small pieces of diamonds that cling to the lips. The lid on each container sparkles, and the clear container displays the detailed shine that is in the lipstick. One of the shades to try is Unicorn. The light purple color shimmers and offers an illuminating appearance on your lips.

The Venus palette is another item that Doe Deere has introduced to the UK. The palette features a picture of Venus on the outside of the container. There are different sizes to choose from depending on how many colors you want with the palette. The eyeshadows range from nude shades to those that are dark and enticing. Each eyeshadow is made using a fine powder, making it gentle to apply without rubbing off during the day.

You can easily blend the colors together to create your own shades or blend them together to create a rainbow impact on the eyes as each color cascades to another. A Hi-Lighter palette offers eyeshadows to choose from as well, but there aren’t as many shades. The highlighter can also be used on other areas of the face besides the eyes, such as the cheeks or along the nose. The Opals palette is the frontrunner with the designs and shades that are offered and includes lighter nude shades.

While Velvetines offer a matte look and feel on the lips, Plushies deliver more of a silky feeling. They are considered a demi-matte while still delivering the rich color that Doe Deere is known for offering from her products. Many of the shades are lighter than the other lipsticks that are sold by the company with a delicate light pink being among the top selections that customers enjoy.

More Than Just Makeup

Aside from the numerous types of makeup that are sold by the company, there are also a few tools that have been created that are often used to apply makeup to the face. The Aquarium Brush Set features at least five different types of brushes for applying everything from eyeshadow to lipstick. The brush is purple and blue, and the wand is clear with sparkles inside. The goal of this kind of design is to make it fun to apply makeup to the face because women shouldn’t be ashamed of who they are.

Those who live in the UK shouldn’t fear about Lime Crime going away any time soon. The company has made an impact and is in the UK for some time, much to the satisfaction of the people who wear the products that have been created by the company. As more products are released, the presence in the UK should only grow stronger. The company started on a smaller scale and continues to grow each year. All team members work together every day while also trying to interact with as many customers as possible who send pictures and who reach out to ask questions.


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